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    Access Isn’t Enough: Evaluating the Quality of a Hospital Medical Assistance in Dying Program
    with Andrea Frolic, Marilyn Swinton, Allyson Oliphant, and Paul Miller
    HEC Forum 34 (4): 429-455. 2022.
    Following an initial study of the needs of healthcare providers (HCP) regarding the introduction of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), and the subsequent development of an assisted dying program, this study sought to determine the efficacy and impact of MAiD services following the first two years of implementation. The first of three aims of this research was to understand if the needs, concerns and hopes of stakeholders related to patient requests for MAiD were addressed appropriately. Assessi…Read more
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    Getting Beyond Pros and Cons: Results of a Stakeholder Needs Assessment on Physician Assisted Dying in the Hospital Setting
    with Andrea Frolic, Marilyn Swinton, and Paul Miller
    HEC Forum 34 (4): 391-408. 2022.
    This study assessed the attitudes and needs of physicians and health professional staff at a tertiary care hospital in Canada regarding the introduction of physician assisted dying (PAD) during 2015–16. This research aimed to develop an understanding of the wishes, concerns and hopes of stakeholders related to handling requests for PAD; to determine what supports/structures/resources health care professionals (HCP) require in order to ensure high quality and compassionate care for patients reque…Read more
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    The last hellos
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 6 (3): 293-295. 2009.