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    Online Developmental Science to Foster Innovation, Access, and Impact
    with Mark Sheskin, Kimberly Scott, Candice M. Mills, Elika Bergelson, Elizabeth Bonawitz, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Frank C. Keil, Hyowon Gweon, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Julian Jara-Ettinger, Karen E. Adolph, Marjorie Rhodes, Michael C. Frank, Samuel A. Mehr, and Laura Schulz
    Trends in Cognitive Sciences 24 (9): 675-678. 2020.
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    Visual scenes are categorized by function
    with Michelle R. Greene, Christopher Baldassano, Andre Esteva, and Diane M. Beck
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (1): 82-94. 2016.
  • Articles phenomenological "correlation innate" topics as the starting point, with the "pure phenomenon" implies the concept of phenomenological ambiguity beginning with the inspection of premises and the nature of the phenomenological reduction-oriented discussion. Discussions were focused on specific on the "relevance innate" topic and see that the concept of constructive interpretation, to take, to reveal the concept of phenomenological reduction and the intrinsic correlation structure, highli…Read more