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    The view of Hong Kong parents on secondary use of dried blood spots in newborn screening program
    with E. A. S. Nelson, H. B. Deng, T. Y. Leung, C. H. Ho, J. S. C. Chong, G. P. G. Fung, J. Hui, and H. S. Lam
    BMC Medical Ethics 23 (1): 1-10. 2022.
    Background Residual dried blood spots (rDBS) from newborn screening programmes represent a valuable resource for medical research, from basic sciences, through clinical to public health. In Hong Kong, there is no legislation for biobanking. Parents’ view on the retention and use of residual newborn blood samples could be cultural-specific and is important to consider for biobanking of rDBS. Objective To study the views and concerns on long-term storage and secondary use of rDBS from newborn scre…Read more