• Zhongguo gu dai bao en gu shi de zhu ti xue yan jiu
    Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu chu ban she. 2018.
  • Marxist philosophy is the wisdom of Western philosophy in the traditional process of subversion and beyond to stand out, but from the grasp of Marx's philosophical revolution in the philosophy of Marx's philosophy of opening of the new paradigm, in order to find its current intellectual resources of China's social development and useful suggestions, which is the contemporary study of Marxist philosophy an indispensable perspective. In this context we can see: the value of a rational and double s…Read more
  • The Female Immortals and Their Buddhism Origins in Chinese Paintings
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 3 72-79. 2008.
    Life-like painting, Magic is real, men, women expressed a strong pursuit; people often fell in love with fairy drawing as a medium for the "props"; the development of the novel into a real portrait of Illusion; picture also often form the Celestial interaction with the mortal characters laity way, the performance of the specific text in a mystical atmosphere of illusion and a source of and evidence. Artist athletics, early medieval Chinese translation is interesting to the story of a Buddhist mo…Read more
  • "Strange • King Sima" emergent Wang Yu Ji Yi with counterfeit Takeo clothes to trick clothes Yi, Yi served to charm the hero, the gallant culture directly from the Sui and Tang dynasties. Han Dynasty as "barbarians serving pride" for the performance of the centralized position of prestige, medieval Buddhist Translation contest for gambling technology is the story motif another source. Ming extraordinary Takeo Central Plains to the north of the aliens fear of war, may have an impact on PU. Althou…Read more
  • Chad Hansen's "The Language and Logic in Ancieht China"
    Philosophy and Culture 30 (12): 143-148. 2003.