•  23
    Musical space synesthesia: Automatic, explicit and conceptual connections between musical stimuli and space
    with Lilach Akiva-Kabiri, Omer Linkovski, and Avishai Henik
    Consciousness and Cognition 28 17-29. 2014.
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    When 9 is not on the right: Implications from number-form synesthesia
    with Avishai Henik and Roi Cohen Kadosh
    Consciousness and Cognition 18 (2): 366-374. 2009.
    Number-form synesthetes consciously experience numbers in spatially-defined locations. For non-synesthete individuals, a similar association of numbers and space appears in the form of an implicit mental number line as signified by the distance effect–reaction time decreases as the numerical distance between compared numbers increases. In the current experiment, three number-form synesthetes and two different non-synesthete control groups performed a number comparison task. Synesthete participan…Read more
  • Synesthesia: Gluing together time, number and space
    with R. Cohen Kadosh
    In Stanislas Dehaene & Elizabeth Brannon (eds.), Space, Time and Number in the Brain, Oxford University Press. 2011.