• Byzgalin and the School of "Post-Soviet Marxism"
    Modern Philosophy 3 28-33. 2010.
    Into the new century, the famous Russian economist, a professor of economics at the University of Moscow created Booz Galindo post-Soviet Marxist school of thought known as critical Marxist school. In the reality of the socialist system of the former Soviet Union, contemporary Russia's capitalist system, and currently living in the human development process to carry out comprehensive critique of globalization, based on the Booz Garin proposed "socialism - as a transition to the realm of freedom …Read more
  • 2003 and 2005, the famous Russian scholar, Professor奥伊泽尔曼has introduced two companion book, "Marxism and utopianism," and "rectification of names for the revisionist" Marxism of contemporary reflection from the perspective of the former Soviet Union reason for a deep introspection and self-criticism, proposed the "utopia of Marxist doctrine contains factors", and "historical revisionist Bernstein also just" an important point of view
  • Empress Dowager Li and Zhang Juzheng's Reformation
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 5 54-60. 2005.
    Jang Ming Wanli period in the reform, the mother of Empress Dowager Li Shenzong played a very important role. This is reflected in two aspects: First, in the early years of Wanli, "the main suspect little country", the Cabinet has the power struggle occurred with Sili Jian volatile situation, the Empress Dowager Li promoted, Feng Bao and Jang relied, ousted Gao Gong, established ruled by her cabinet and Sili Jian coordinated system, stable political situation, in order to provide the organizatio…Read more