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    Access to medical records for research purposes: varying perceptions across research ethics boards
    with D. J. Willison, C. Emerson, K. V. Szala-Meneok, and E. Gibson
    Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (4): 308-314. 2008.
    Introduction: Variation across research ethics boards in conditions placed on access to medical records for research purposes raises concerns around negative impacts on research quality and on human subject protection, including privacy.Aim: To study variation in REB consent requirements for retrospective chart review and who may have access to the medical record for data abstraction.Methods: Thirty 90-min face-to-face interviews were conducted with REB chairs and administrators affiliated with …Read more
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    Experience of Ethics Training and Support for Health Care Professionals in International Aid Work
    with M. R. Hunt and L. Elit
    Public Health Ethics 5 (1): 91-99. 2012.
    Health care professionals who travel from their home countries to participate in humanitarian assistance or development work experience distinctive ethical challenges in providing care and services to populations affected by war, disaster or deprivation. Limited information is available about organizational practices related to preparation and support for health professionals working with non-governmental organizations. In this article, we present one component of the results of a qualitative st…Read more