Fresno, California, United States of America
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    Cancer health empowerment for living without pain : Study design and rationale for a tailored education and coaching intervention to enhance care of cancer-related pain
    with R. L. Kravitz, D. J. Tancredi, R. L. Street, D. Kalauokalani, T. Grennan, T. Wun, C. Slee, Dean D. Evans, N. Saito, and P. Franks
    Background: Cancer-related pain is common and under-treated. This article describes a study designed to test the effectiveness of a theory-driven, patient-centered coaching intervention to improve cancer pain processes and outcomes. Methods/Design: The Cancer Health Empowerment for Living without Pain Study is an American Cancer Society sponsored randomized trial conducted in Sacramento, California. A total of 265 cancer patients with at least moderate pain severity or pain-related impairment we…Read more