• The Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics (edited book)
    with Geoff Thompson and Wendy L. Bowcher
    Cambridge University Press. 2019.
    Presenting a field-defining overview of one of the most appliable linguistic theories available today, this Handbook surveys the key issues in the study of systemic functional linguistics, covering an impressive range of theoretical perspectives. Written by some of the world's foremost SFL scholars, including M. A. K. Halliday, the founder of SFL theory, the handbook covers topics ranging from the theory behind the model, discourse analysis within SFL, applied SFL, to SFL in relation to other su…Read more
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    The focus of this paper is on lexical items which are traditionally referred to as prepositions, adverbs and particles, grouped here under the term P-items. It is argued that the relative lack of detail concerning lexical representation within systemic functional linguistics theory means that there are some issues related to the status of lexis within the framework that require some development. As Tucker points out, “if the theoretical principles are not fleshed out by way of description of bot…Read more
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    The aim of this paper is to examine the nominality of the neologism BREXT using a corpus-informed lexicogrammatical approach. The term BREXIT, coined in 2012, used initially in print and social media in the UK is now internationally wide-spread. BREXIT is a blend of British + exit, which expresses the meaning of’Britain exiting from the EU’. Although ‘Brexit’ clearly expresses an event meaning, as a nominalization, it also expresses nominal meaning. In systemic functional linguistics, nominaliza…Read more