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    On the Notion of the political in feminist theory
    Human Affairs 25 (2): 164-172. 2015.
    The turn of the 1990s saw the emergence of “the political” in feminist theory. Despite there being a number of publications devoted to the theme, the concept itself has remained rather undertheorized. Instead of producing a thoroughly developed concept, it served to create an epistemic community devoted to the political aim of women’s emancipation. In the article, I argue that it would be beneficent for feminist theory to adopt an affirmative stance towards the contingency of politics. This of c…Read more
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    Knowledge production in European universities (review)
    Human Affairs 24 (1): 148-150. 2014.
    While studies of higher education institutions have a long-standing disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary tradition in the UK, USA, Australia and some European countries, in the Central and Eastern Europe region (CEE) (widely defined) scholarly occupation with these issues has been critically lacking. The book under review here aims to bridge this latent divide in the scholarship with a comprehensive view of academic enterprise in Europe, while focusing on the processes of establishing the e…Read more
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    Introductory: Radical democracy and representation
    with Jan Bíba
    Human Affairs 25 (2): 127-130. 2015.