• This work is concerned with hierarchical modular descriptions, their algorithmic production, and their importance for certain types of scientific explanations of the structure and dynamical behavior of complex systems. Networks are taken into consideration as paradigmatic representations of complex systems. It turns out that algorithmic detection of hierarchical modularity in networks is a task plagued in certain cases by theoretical intractability and in most cases by the still high computation…Read more
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    Multilevel Ensemble Explanations: A Case from Theoretical Biology
    Perspectives on Science 27 (1): 88-116. 2019.
    In this paper I will reconstruct and analyze a famous argument by Stuart Kauffman about complex systems and evolution, in order to highlight the use in theoretical biology of a kind of non-mechanistic and non-causal explanation which I propose to call, following Kauffman, ensemble explanation. The aim is to contribute to the ongoing philosophical debate about non-causal explanations in the special sciences, kinds of explanation apparently extraneous to the received causal-mechanistic view. Ensem…Read more