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    On Diogenes and Olympic Victors
    Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy. forthcoming.
    Diogenes’s exchange with Cicermos the Olympic pankratist is unusual in that it is both a dialectical exchange and is successful in changing Cicermos’s mind. Most Cynic rhetoric is physical or gestural and more often alienates than convinces. The puzzling difference is explained by the rhetorical choices Diogenes makes with his uniquely receptive audience.
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    Skepticism & Feminism
    Southwest Philosophy Review 40 (1): 5-9. 2024.
    What is the value of Pyrrhonizing skepticism today? As an epistemologist, I am sympathetic to skepticism, but as a feminist, I am concerned by it. In this short paper, I’ll interrogate the troubled relationship between skepticism and feminism. More specifically, I’ll ask: Can feminists be skeptics? In the first half of the paper, I’ll articulate one feminist objection to skepticism. In the second half, I’ll suggest a pathway forward by which feminists can harness the power of the skeptical metho…Read more
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    Sextus, Montaigne, Hume: Pyrrhonizers, written by Brian Ribeiro
    International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 14 (1): 60-65. 2023.
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    The Argumentative Adversariality debate is over the question of whether argument must be adversarial. A particular locus of this debate is on skeptical challenges in critical dialogue. The Default Skeptical Stance in argument is a practical manifestation of argumentative adversariality. Views about the on-the-ground value of the DSS vary. On one hand, in “The Social & Political Limitations of Philosophy”, Phyllis Rooney argues that the DSS leads to epistemic injustice. On the other, Allan Hazlet…Read more
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    Rethinking the Will to Believe
    Southwest Philosophy Review 38 (1): 71-79. 2022.
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    Commentary on Jack Warman’s “Reflections on Intellectual Grandstanding”
    Southwest Philosophy Review 37 (2): 63-65. 2021.
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    Argumentative Ethics
    In Hugh LaFollette (ed.), International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Wiley. 2021.
    Entry in International Encyclopedia of Ethics on Ethical considerations bearing on Argumentation.