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    Corrigendum: Alexithymia and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Complex Relationship
    with Jessie Poquérusse, Sara Dellantonio, and Gianluca Esposito
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
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    Internal Perception
    Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 2017.
    Chapter 1 First Person Access to Mental States. Mind Science and Subjective Qualities Abstract. The philosophy of mind as we know it today starts with Ryle. What defines and at the same time differentiates it from the previous tradition of study on mind is the persuasion that any rigorous approach to mental phenomena must conform to the criteria of scientificity applied by the natural sciences, i.e. its investigations and results must be intersubjectively and publicly controllable. In Ryle’s v…Read more
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    Side Effects or Symptoms? The Feeling of Self-Estrangement in DBS Patients
    with Giuseppe Saracino, Marco Innamorati, and Sara Dellantonio
    American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 5 (4): 58-60. 2014.
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    To be or not to be emotionally aware and socially motivated: How alexithymia impacts autism spectrum disorders
    with Sara Dellantonio, Claudio Mulatti, and Gianluca Esposito
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42. 2019.
    Autism often co-occurs with alexithymia, a condition characterized by no or diminished awareness of emotions that significantly impacts an individual's social relationships. We investigate how the social motivation of autistics would be eroded by comorbidity with alexithymia and why this diminished motivation would be difficult for non-autistic people to perceive and reciprocate.
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    In this paper we investigate ignorance in relation to our capacity to justify our beliefs. To achieve this aim we specifically address scientific misconceptions, i.e. beliefs that are considered to be false in light of accepted scientific knowledge. The hypothesis we put forward is that misconceptions are not isolated false beliefs, but rather form part of a system of inferences—an explanation—which does not match current scientific theory. We further argue that, because misconceptions are embed…Read more
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    Alexithymia and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Complex Relationship
    with Jessie Poquérusse, Sara Dellantonio, and Gianluca Esposito
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
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    Alterità e convivenza tra pregiudizio e nuove forme di consapevolezza
    with Sara Dellantonio and Giuseppe Mininni
    Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia 2 (2): 80-83. 2011.
  • Mente e Natura
    with Sara Dellantonio, Valerio Meattini, and Manfred Stöcker
    Nuova Civiltà Delle Macchine 24 (2): 5-15. 2006.
  • How Can You Be Sure? Epistemic Feelings as a Monitoring System for Cognitive Contents
    In Matthieu Fontaine, Cristina Barés-Gómez, Francisco Salguero-Lamillar, Lorenzo Magnani & Ángel Nepomuceno-Fernández (eds.), Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology, Springer Verlag. 2019.
  • On the Nature and Composition of Abstract Concepts: The X-Ception Theory and Methods for Its Assessment
    with Remo Job, Claudio Mulatti, and Sara Dellantonio
    In Woosuk Park, Ping Li & Lorenzo Magnani (eds.), Philosophy and Cognitive Science Ii, Springer Verlag. 2015.
    The ‘standard picture of meaning’ suggests that natural languages are composed of two different kinds of words: concrete words whose meaning rely on observable properties of external objects and abstract words which are essentially linguistic constructs. In this study, we challenge this picture and support a new view of the nature and composition of abstract concepts suggesting that they also rely to a greater or lesser degree on body-related information. Specifically, we support a version of th…Read more
  • "Libertà" senza significato. Concetti astratti, cognizione e determinismo linguistico
    Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia 2 (2): 164-186. 2011.
    Il concetto di "libertà" descrive uno dei valori fondamentali della società occidentale contemporanea. Tuttavia, sebbene tutti concordino circa la necessità di difendere la libertà, persone che incarnano convinzioni politiche, morali e sociali diverse interpretano la libertà in maniere differenti, se non perfino contrapposte. Nonostante queste evidenti divergenze, è opinione diffusa che questo concetto si caratterizzi alla sua base per una sorta di denominatore comune, a proposito del quale suss…Read more
  • In recent years, there has been increasing interest in investigating science communication. Some studies that address this issue attempt to develop a model to determine the level of confidence that an author or a scientific community has at a given time towards a theory or a group of theories. A well-established approach suggests that, in order to determine the level of certainty authors have with regard to the statements they make, one can identify specific lexical and morphosyntactical markers…Read more