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    The Missing Link in Early Emotional Processing
    with Raghunandan K. Yadav and Constantino Méndez-Bértolo
    Emotion Review 13 (3): 225-244. 2021.
    Initial evaluation structures currently proposed as the earliest detectors of affective stimuli are high-order structures whose response latency cannot account for the first visual cortex emotion-related response, and lack the necessary infrastructure to locally analyze the visual features that define emotional stimuli. Several thalamic structures accomplish both criteria. The lateral geniculate nucleus, a first-order thalamic nucleus that actively processes visual information, with the compleme…Read more
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    An Event-related Potential Study on the Interaction between Lighting Level and Stimulus Spatial Location
    with Elisabeth Ruiz-Padial and María T. Mendoza
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9. 2015.
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    Effects of social and affective content on exogenous attention as revealed by event-related potentials
    with Vladimir Kosonogov, Jose M. Martinez-Selva, Eduvigis Carrillo-Verdejo, Ginesa Torrente, and Juan P. Sanchez-Navarro
    Cognition and Emotion 33 (4): 683-695. 2019.
    ABSTRACTThe social content of affective stimuli has been proposed as having an influence on cognitive processing and behaviour. This research was aimed, therefore, at studying whether automatic exogenous attention demanded by affective pictures was related to their social value. We hypothesised that affective social pictures would capture attention to a greater extent than non-social affective stimuli. For this purpose, we recorded event-related potentials in a sample of 24 participants engaged …Read more