Ottawa, ON, Canada
Areas of Interest
Singular Causation
Conceptual Necessity
Logical Necessity
Metaphysical Necessity
Nomological Necessity
Modal Conventionalism
Modal Noncognitivism
Modal Primitivism
Conceivability, Imagination, and Possibility
Modal Rationalism
Actualism and Possibilism
Modal Realism
Impossible Worlds
Abstract Objects
Coincident Objects
Ontological Realism
Chance and Determinism
Process Philosophy
Contingent Identity
Relative Identity
Stage Theory
Three- and Four-Dimensionalism
Ontological Commitment
Ontological Conventionalism and Relativism
Ontological Disagreement
Ontological Fictionalism
Ontological Pluralism
Mereological Nihilism
Problem of the Many
Agent Causation
Feminist Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Anthropology
Reasons and Causes
Economics Imperialism
Linguistic Universals
Idealization in Economics
Invisible Hand Explanations
Rationality in Economics
Social Welfare Theory
Economics and Justice
Time and Change
The Open Future
Mereological Universalism
Minor Entities
Minor Entities, Misc
Nonexistent Objects
Substratum Theories
Facts and States of Affairs
Metaphysical Realism
Realism and Anti-Realism, Misc
Semantic Anti-Realism
Values in Economics
Socialism and Marxism
Property Rights, Misc
Rights, Misc
Political Concepts
The Political Role of Philosophy
Social and Political Philosophy, Misc
Political Power
Original Appropriation
Political Views, Misc
Civil and Political Rights, Misc
Contractarian And Consent Theories
Will Versus Interest Theories
Rights and Values
Conflicts Among Rights
Criticisms of Rights
Rights and Equality
Rights and Freedom
Aspects of Rights, Misc
Children's Rights
Natural Rights
Labor Rights
Human Rights
Human Rights, Misc
States and Nations, Misc
Metaphilosophical Views, Misc
Philosophical Methods
Conceptual Analysis
Experimental Philosophy
Transcendental Arguments
Metaphilosophy, Miscellaneous
Disagreement in Philosophy
Kinds of Philosophy
Metaphilosophy, Misc
The Nature of Philosophy
Philosophical Language
Philosophical Progress
Traditions in Philosophy
The Role of Philosophy
The Value of Philosophy
Metaphilosophical Views
Metaphilosophical Skepticism
Violence, Misc
Civil War
Ethics and Justification of War
Just War Theory
Nature of War
Purpose of War
Temporal Logic
The Nature of Intuition
Epistemic Possibility
Epistemology of Philosophy
Epistemology of Philosophy, Misc
Causal Overdetermination
Economics and Ethics, Misc
20th Century French Philosophy, Misc
German Philosophy
20th Century German Philosophy
20th Century German Philosophy, Misc
German Philosophy, Misc
19th Century French Philosophy
Auguste Comte
19th Century French Philosophy, Misc
17th/18th Century German Philosophy
German Idealism, Misc
Moral Education
Ancient Greek Political Philosophy
17th/18th Century Political Philosophy
19th Century Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Archaeology
Philosophy of Social Science, General Works
Philosophy of Sexuality, Misc
Continental Structuralism
Continental Philosophy, Misc
Eastern European Philosophy
Indigenous Philosophy of the Americas
Religion and Society
Philosophy of Religion, General Works
Philosophy of Religion, Misc
Feminist Philosophy, General Works
Feminist Philosophy, Misc
Philosophy of Race, General Works
Philosophy of Race, Misc
Philosophy of Sexuality, General Works
Philosophy of Law, General Works
Social and Political Philosophy, General Works
Philosophy of Learning
Philosophy of Teaching, Misc
Philosophy, Introductions and Anthologies
Concepts of Emergence
Psychophysical Emergence
Kant: Rational Theology
Kant: Anthropology
Kant: Philosophy of History
Kant: War and Peace
Kant: Teleology in Religion
Kant: Social, Political and Religious Thought, Misc
Feminism: Global Justice
Feminism: Disability
Feminism: Friendship
Feminism: Love
Feminism: The Body
Feminism: Identity Politics
Feminism: Marriage and Civil Unions
Narrative Identity
Self-Consciousness in Action
T. H. Green
American Pragmatism
Stanley Cavell
American Pragmatism, Misc
19th Century American Pragmatism, Misc
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rationalism, Misc
Internal Realism
Experience of Temporal Passage
The Specious Present
Temporal Experience, Misc
Self-Consciousness, Misc
Self-Consciousness in Experience
Feminist Political Philosophy
The Nature of Education
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Immanuel Kant
18th Century German Philosophy, Misc
19th Century American Philosophy
George Herbert Mead
Charles Sanders Peirce
Josiah Royce
William James
19th Century American Philosophy, Misc
Sigmund Freud
Evolution of Language
Feminist Philosophy of Language
Language and Society
Francis Herbert Bradley
19th Century German Philosophy
20th Century French Philosophy
17th/18th Century French Philosophy, Misc
The Aims of Education
Educational Authority
Philosophy of Education, Misc
Philosophy of Teaching
Philosophy of Geography
Philosophy of History
Functional Explanation in Social Science
Holism and Individualism in Social Science
Objectivity and Value in Social Science
Social Ontology
Philosophy of Social Science, Misc
Francis Hutcheson
Adam Smith
17th/18th Century French Philosophy
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Wilhelm Dilthey
Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Gottlob Frege
Black Assimiliationism
Black Nationalism
Black Separatism
Movements in African-American Philosophy, Misc
Culture and African-American Philosophy
Topics in African-American Philosophy, Misc
African-American Philosophy, Misc
African and African-American Philosophy
Universal Grammar
Asian Philosophy
Linguistic Innateness
Continental Philosophy
German Idealism
Movements in African-American Philosophy
African-American Philosophy
G. W. F. Hegel
Karl Marx
Friedrich Schelling
19th Century German Philosophy, Misc
C. D. Broad
Simone de Beauvoir
Jacques Derrida
Hans-Georg Gadamer
Luce Irigaray
Jacques Lacan
Jean-François Lyotard
Ernst Cassirer
R. G. Collingwood
John Dewey
Richard Rorty
Critical Theory
Moral Projectivism
Moral Relativism
Moral Subjectivism
Moral Constructivism
Moral Objectivity
Moral Queerness
Moral Response-Dependence
Moral Rationalism
Moral Contractualism
Feminist Philosophy
Black Feminism
Continental Feminism
Feminist Pragmatism
Marxist and Socialist Feminism
Moral Prescriptivism
Moral Noncognitivism
Morality of Procreation
Surrogate Motherhood
Academic and Teaching Ethics
Government Ethics
Global Justice
International Ethics, Misc
Ethics of Childhood
Moral Nonnaturalism
Moral Realism and Irrealism
Moral Irrealism
Moral Emotivism and Sentimentalism
Moral Error Theories and Fictionalism
Moral Expressivism
Moral Irrealism, Misc
Radical Feminism
Separatist Feminism
Varieties of Feminism, Misc
Feminism and Power
Objections to Feminism
Topics in Feminist Philosophy, Misc
Gender Identity Disorder
Transgenderism and Postgenderism
Gender and Race
Gender Identity
Maleness and Masculinity
Topics in the Philosophy of Gender, Misc
Philosophy of Gender, Misc
Race as Socially Constructed
Race as a Subjective Identity
The Normative Role of Race Concepts
The Metaphysics of Race, Misc
Feminism: Oppression
Feminism: Equality
Feminist History of Philosophy
Feminist Metaphysics
Feminist Philosophy of Law
Feminist Philosophy of Mind
Feminist Philosophy of Religion
Feminist Social Epistemology
Feminist Approaches to Philosophy, Misc
Feminism: Pornography
Psychoanalytic Feminism
Feminism: The Family
Feminism: The Self
Feminism: Reproduction
Feminism: Sexuality
Feminism: Philosophy of Race
Feminist Perspectives on Phenomena, Misc
Conceptions of Race, Misc
Film and Television
Religious Studies
Journalism and Media
Conceptual Analysis and A Priori Entailment
Temporal Experience
Externalism and Self-Knowledge
Self-Knowledge, Misc
Free Will
Embodiment and Situated Cognition
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Education
Social and Political Philosophy
Asian Philosophy, Misc
Chinese Philosophy
Japanese Philosophy
Russian Philosophy
Cultural Studies
Political Science
The Role of Language in Thought
Self-Consciousness in Psychology
Religious Experience
The Trinity
Christianity, Misc
Religious Topics, Misc
Aesthetic Realism and Anti-Realism
Aesthetic Realism and Anti-Realism, Misc
Aesthetic Subjectivism
Death and Dying
Assisted Suicide
Defining Death
The Badness of Death
Death and Dying, Misc
Reformed Epistemology
The Minimally Conscious State
Other Disorders and Syndromes
Phenomenology and Consciousness
Other Mental Disorders
Mental Illness
Realism and Anti-Realism
Material Objects
Temporal Ontology
Time Travel
Pleasure and Pain
Color Blindness and Color Consciousness
Political Obligation
Specific Freedoms
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Association
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Thought
Positive and Negative Freedom
Theories of Freedom
Freedom and Liberty, Misc
Civic Virtue
Civil Society
Conceptions of Democracy
Deliberative Democracy
Participatory Democracy
Representative Democracy
The Concept of Equality
Obligations in the Law
Legal Authority and Obligation, Misc
Conceptual Analysis in Jurisprudence
Methodology of Jurisprudence, Misc
Property in Law
Constitutional Interpretation
Constitutional Law, Misc
International Law
Causation in the Law
Law and Language
Philosophy of Law, Misc
Culture and Cultures
Democracy, Misc
Government Paternalism
International Justice
International Order
International Philosophy, Misc
The Scope of Justice
Political Theory
Political Conservatism
Political Constructivism
Liberalism and Liberty
Classical Liberalism
Political Liberalism
The Scope of Liberalism
Associative Obligations
Consensus and Political Authority
Consent and Political Authority
Democratic Authority
Instrumentalism about Political Authority
Public Justification
Political Legitimacy
Political Obedience
Political Authority, Misc
Contractualism about Political Authority
Cultural Cosmopolitanism
Economic Cosmopolitanism
Moral Cosmopolitanism
Political Cosmopolitanism
Cosmopolitanism, Misc
Liberalism, Misc
Interracial Coalitions
Critical Race Theory
Phenomenology of Race
Race and Class
Race and Culture
Race and Gender
Topics in the Philosophy of Race, Misc
Essentialism about Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation as Socially Constructed
The Nature of Sexual Orientation, Misc
Sexual Orientations, Misc
Gay Marriage
Sexual Orientation, Politics, and the Law, Misc
Queer Theory
Racial Identity, Misc
Race and Civil Rights
Race and Justice
Racial Discrimination
Racial Inequality
The Politics of Race, Misc
Cognitive Accounts of Racism
Motivational Accounts of Racism
Cultural Racism
Racism and Psychology
Racism and Sexism
White Supremacy
Racism, Misc
Racial Solidarity and Unity
Topics in the Philosophy of Sexual Orientation, Misc
Defining Sexual Activity
Procreative Views of Sex
Sexual Phenomena, Misc
Ethical Theories and Sexual Ethics
Natural Law and Sexual Ethics
Defining Love
Features of Love
Theories of Love
Varieties of Love
Philosophy of Love, Misc
Marriage, Misc
Relationships and Marriage, Misc
Interpretivist Theories of Law
Legal Positivism
Natural Law Theory
Mixed Theories of Law
Sexual Objectification
Sexual Pleasure
Expressive Views of Sex
Love-based Views of Sex
Hedonist Views of Sex
The Nature of Sex, Misc
Flirting and Seduction
Sexual Activities, Misc
Sex Work and Prostitution
Sexual Desire
Legal Authority
Hegel: Reason in History
Hegel: Philosophy of Law, Misc
Hegel: Property Rights
Hegel: International Relations
Hegel: Patriotism
Hegel: Democracy
Hegel: The State
Hegel: Civil Society
Hegel: Family
Hegel: Theory of Recognition
Hegel: Philosophy of Nature, Misc
Hegel: Thought
Hegel: Feeling
Hegel: The Trinity
Hegel: Incarnation
Hegel: Death of God
Hegel: Historical Science
Hegel: Classical Art, Misc
Hegel: Comedy
Hegel: Tragedy
Hegel: Aesthetic Feeling
Hegel: Philosophy of Religion, Misc
Hegel: Atheism
Hegel: Christianity, Misc
Hegel: Protestantism
Hegel: Catholicism
Hegel: Mysticism
Hegel: Concept of God, Misc
Hegel: Self-Consciousness
Hegel: Consciousness
Derrida: Margins of Philosophy
Derrida: Writing and Difference
Derrida: Of Grammatology
Derrida: Social and Political Philosophy, Misc
Derrida: Social and Political Philosophy
Derrida: History
Derrida: Gift
Derrida: Friendship
Derrida: Psychoanalysis
Derrida: Metaphysics and Epistemology, Misc
Derrida: Philosophy of Religion
Derrida: Philosophy of Language, Misc
Derrida: Specters of Marx
Derrida: Works, Misc
Derrida: Introductions and Overviews
Hegel: Phenomenology and Systematic Philosophy
Hegel: System of Philosophy
Hegel: Teleology
Hegel: Freedom
Hegel: Negation
Hegel: Dialectic
Hegel: Truth
Hegel: Conceptuality
Kant: Philosophy of Religion, Misc
Kant: Highest Good
Derrida and Other Philosophers
Derrida: Development and Influences
Derrida: Speech and Writing
The Concept of Disability
Cognitive Disabilities and Disorders
The Concept of Human Rights
Right to Self-Defense
Rights in War
Parental Rights
Women's Rights
Justifications of Human Rights
Human Rights and International Law
Rights of Future Generations
Constitutional Rights
Right to Political Participation
History: Rights
Group Rights, Misc
Legal Rights
Continental Metaphysics, Misc
Continental Philosophy of Language, Misc
Continental Philosophy: Truth
Rights and Culture
Rights and Religion
Rights and Poverty
Rancière: Philosophy of Education
Zizek, Misc
Zizek: Philosophy of Religion
Zizek: Psychoanalysis
Zizek: Political Philosophy
Teaching Philosophy
Freedom of Contract
Intellectual Property Rights
Kant: God
Kant: Faith
Hegel: Works, Misc
Hegel: Berlin Lectures
Hegel: Philosophy of Right
Hegel: Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences
Hegel: Interpretation of Modern Philosophy, Misc
Hegel: Romanticism
Hegel: Subjectivity and Modernity
Hegel: Plato
Hegel: Philosophy of History, Misc
Hegel: End of History Thesis
Innate Concepts
Materialist Feminism
Feminism: Sex Work and Prostitution
Rights and the Rule of Law
Corporate Rights
Rights and Duties
Rights Against Slavery
Sexual Rights
Immigration Rights
The Concept of Rights, Misc
The Analysis of Rights
Rights and Personhood
Rights and Democracy
Rights and Justice
Rights and Utility
Hegel: The Modern World
Mental Disorders, Misc
Mary Wollstonecraft
Simples and Gunk
Continental Philosophy, Miscellaneous
Slavoj Zizek
Alain Badiou
Continental Philosophy of Language
Continental Psychoanalysis, Misc
Continental Feminism, Misc
Continental Philosophy: Topics, Misc
Continental Metaphysics
Continental Political Philosophy
Continental Philosophy of Science
History: Feminist Philosophy
History: Persons
Practical Identity
Mental Disorders
Colonialism and Postcolonialism
Embodied Memory
Time and Memory
Liberal Feminism
Nietzsche's Unpublished Lectures
Nietzsche: Social and Political Philosophy
Nietzsche: Philosophy of History
Social Identity
Practical Identity, Misc
Continental Philosophy of Religion
Continental Philosophy of Mind
Post-Classical Chinese Philosophy
Classical Chinese Philosophy
European Philosophy, Miscellaneous
Feminism: Autonomy
Feminism: Rape and Sexual Violence
Feminism: Violence
Feminist Philosophy of Education
Feminist Phenomenology
Lesbian Feminism
Indigenous Feminism
Critical Race Feminism
Feminism: Transgender Issues
Chinese Neo-Confucianism
Contemporary Chinese Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy: Topics
Continental Ethics
Continental Epistemology
Critical Theory, Misc
Hermeneutics, Misc
Continental Philosophy: Topics
Continental Psychoanalysis
Walter Benjamin
Louis Althusser
Chinese Philosophy, Misc
Chinese Buddhist Philosophy
Chinese Political Philosophy
Feminism: Mothering
Derrida: Philosophy of Language
Hegel: Logic and Metaphysics
Karl Leonhard Reinhold
Friedrich Engels
Ludwig Feuerbach
Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi
Denis Diderot
Philosophy of Sociology, Misc
Sociology of Knowledge
Moses Mendelssohn
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Hegel: Social and Political Philosophy
Hegel: Ethics
Hegel: Philosophy of History
Derrida: Epistemology
Locke: Rights
Jean-Luc Nancy
Jacques Rancière
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Hegel: Philosophy of Action
Hegel: Philosophy of Language
Hegel, Misc
Hegel: Works
Hegel: Aesthetics
Hegel: Philosophy of Religion
Hegel: History of Philosophy
Johann Gottfried Herder
Johann Georg Hamann
Political Feasibility
Civil Disobedience
Nonconceptual/Prereflective Self-Consciousness
Modal Combinatorialism
Margaret Cavendish
Anne Conway
Mary Astell
Cambridge Platonism
Earl of Shaftesbury
Edmund Burke
Kant: Political Philosophy
Nietzsche: Philosophy of Education
Political Realism and Utopianism
Methods in Political Philosophy
Temporal Eliminativism
17th Century German Philosophy, Misc
Normativity of Law
Philosophy of Political Science
Women in Philosophy
Philosophy of Higher Education
Science and Religion
History: Self-Knowledge
Methodology in Metaphysics
Epistemologies of Ignorance
Feminism: Non-Human Animals
Temporal Ontology, Misc
Husserl: Crisis
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