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    Evenly Suspended Distractive Attention
    Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 18 (1/2): 84-101. 2014.
    This article reviews recent cognitive and neurological approaches to the study of attention. It argues that such research is based on the notion that attention has a positive cognitive function selecting, like a sieve or a filter, elements from the background and foreground, to then be processed by the brain and made conscious when required. These approaches fail to explain cognitive overload and recent findings demonstrating that recognition and understanding—sensory, visual and semantic—also o…Read more
  • Plato's Symposium is a discourse praising Eros. Its speakers attempt to bear witness to the god of love and to speak of his nature and deeds. Who is this god and what is his nature?---this question guides the theme of the dissertation. Does the Symposium succeed in answering this question---the question it poses to itself at the beginning of its enterprise---this is the challenge that accompanies the dissertation's attempt to read through the praises of Eros. ;In addition to the Symposium other …Read more
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    Oh! these lovers of discourse how blind they are!
    American Journal of Semiotics 10 (3/4): 135-144. 1993.