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    Work in the Intersections: A Black Feminist Disability Framework
    with Izetta Autumn Mobley
    Gender and Society 33 (1): 19-40. 2019.
    A Black feminist disability framework allows for methodological considerations of the intersectional nature of oppression. Our work in this article is twofold: to acknowledge the need to consider disability in Black Studies and race in Disability Studies, and to forward an intersectional framework that considers race, gender, and disability to address the gaps in both Black Studies and Disability Studies. By employing a Black feminist disability framework, scholars of African American and Black …Read more
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    Guest Editors’ Introduction
    with Ayana A. H. Jamieson
    Palimpsest 6 (2): 5-13. 2017.
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    Homolatent Masculinity & Hip Hop Culture
    Palimpsest 2 (2): 187-199. 2013.
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    Aristotle, vision, and communicable change
    Auslegung 31 (1): 1-18. 2015.
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    Introducing One Health to the Ethical Debate About Zoonotic Diseases in Southeast Asia
    with Benjamin Capps, David Bickford, Richard Coker, Zohar Lederman, Andrew Lover, Tamra Lysaght, and Paul Tambyah
    Bioethics 29 (8): 588-596. 2015.
    Pandemic plans recommend phases of response to an emergent infectious disease outbreak, and are primarily aimed at preventing and mitigating human-to-human transmission. These plans carry presumptive weight and are increasingly being operationalized at the national, regional and international level with the support of the World Health Organization. The conventional focus of pandemic preparedness for EIDs of zoonotic origin has been on public health and human welfare. However, this focus on human…Read more
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    Differential Fertility by Religious Group in Rural Sierra Leone
    Journal of Biosocial Science 18 (1): 75-86. 1986.