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    The dissertation seeks to gain a sound understanding of the thought of Jean-Francois Lyotard through a reexamination of Immanuel Kant's critical undertaking, particularly its aesthetic elements, and that a new and enlightened insight into Kant can be attained by examining the study of Kant that Lyotard has mounted. ;Reflective judgment in the Critique of Judgment has an architectonic role in Kant's thought, namely, to unify and integrate the human faculties. Judgments of the sublime are of parti…Read more
  • Gary Browning's Lyotard And The End Of Grand Narratives (review)
    Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain 47 133-140. 2003.
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    Time and the sublime self
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (4): 70-84. 1999.
    To bring the significance of Lyotard's reading of Kant's sublime into full relief, I will begin by considering some of the philosophical developments of Descartes and Hume as they relate to issues of subjectivity and consciousness. The thought of these two modern writers informs the critical philosophy of Kant. I will then explain the aesthetics of Kant and show how with the sublime there is a unique kind of time distinct from the common time of cognition. This aesthetic time destabilizes what K…Read more