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    On Plantinga’s Idea of Warrant in Epistemology and in Philosophy of Religion
    Croatian Journal of Philosophy 6 (2): 307-325. 2006.
    The paper reconstructs Plantinga’s understanding of knowledge as an alternative to the standard conception of knowledge. In the first phase, Plantinga’s work about warrant was taken as a contribution to the discussion about the possibility of a priori knowledge. With his conception of knowledge as warranted belief he wanted to show that also a posteriori belief can have a degree of warrant, and may be considered to be knowledge. The paper concludes that Plantinga points at an alternative to the …Read more
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    Recently a debate about the importance of natural theology and the traditional arguments for the existence of God has re-opened in the analytic philosophy of religion. This paper means to trace the history of the teleological argument analyzing its classical formulation, humian and darwinian criticism, highlighting the contemporary formulation of the argument, in particular in Alvin Plantinga’s theory in which the existence of a Conscious Designer is in the very bases of his theory of knowledge
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