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    Beyond the Educational Context: Relevance of Intrinsic Reading Motivation During COVID-19 Confinement in Spain
    with Raquel De Sixte, Inmaculada Fajardo, Amelia Mañá, Álvaro Jáñez, Marta Ramos, Federica Natalizi, Barbara Arfé, and Javier Rosales
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    What role could have intrinsic motivation toward reading in an extraordinary situation like the recent confinement? This research examines the relationship between intrinsic reading motivation and reading habits in an adult population considering types of reading, gender, and distress generated by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Participants were 3,849 adults from Spain who were surveyed about their reading practices: before, during the first weeks, and after several weeks of confinement.…Read more
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    Participation in Citizen Science: Insights from the CONECT-e Case Study
    with Victoria Reyes-García, Antonio Perdomo-Molina, Marta Rivera-Ferre, Laura Calvet-Mir, Laura Aceituno-Mata, Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana, and Petra Benyei
    Science, Technology, and Human Values 46 (4): 755-788. 2021.
    Citizen science is growing quickly, given its potential to enhance knowledge coproduction by diverse participants, generating large and global data sets. However, uneven participation in CS is still an important concern. This work aims to understand participation dynamics in CS and how they are shaped by participation barriers and drivers. We do so by examining participation in CONECT-e, a CS project that uses a wiki-like platform to document traditional ecological knowledge. More precisely, we …Read more
  • The aim of this paper is to relate the critical core of Jesus Conill’s last essay, Bodily Intimacy and the Human Person. From Nietzsche to Ortega and Zubiri, with the problem of nihilism, as a structure that survives in our contemporary societies, especially in the context of neurosciences, technology and our way of relating to both. After outlining the key insights of the book, especially its innovative conception of bodily intimacy, I will retrieve some contributions from Nietzsche’s notes reg…Read more
  • Ontología del sentido y diferencia en la comunidad desobrada de Jean-Luc Nancy
    Contrastes: Revista Internacional de Filosofía 22 (2). 2017.
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    The concept of brain death did not evolve to benefit organ transplants
    with Calixto Machado, Julius Kerein, Yazmina Ferrer, and Liana Portela
    Journal of Medical Ethics 33 (4): 197-200. 2007.
    Although it is commonly believed that the concept of brain death was developed to benefit organ transplants, it evolved independently. Transplantation owed its development to advances in surgery and immunosuppressive treatment; BD owed its origin to the development of intensive care. The first autotransplant was achieved in the early 1900s, when studies of increased intracranial pressure causing respiratory arrest with preserved heartbeat were reported. Between 1902 and 1950, the BD concept was …Read more
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    Technostress in Spanish University Students: Validation of a Measurement Scale
    with María Penado Abilleira, María Paula Ríos-de-Deus, and María José Mosquera-González
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
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    The Spanish Women Poet’s Contribution To The Literature Of The 20th Century
    Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies 10 (1): 129-143. 2015.
    The 20th century offers us a wealth of literary authors. The Spanish poets of the 20th century that usually come to mind are mainly male due to the fact that the female poets never received proper recognition and were ignored for many years. The historical events of the 20th century could have ceasedthe literary works of the Spanish authors. However, instead, the Spanish utilized the poetry of protest as a means of rebelling towards their social reality. Not only male poets but also women were e…Read more
  • How to Develop the Humanistic Dimension in Business and Management Higher Education?
    with Almudena Eizaguirre and Leire Alcaniz
    In Ricardo Aguado & Almudena Eizaguirre (eds.), Virtuous Cycles in Humanistic Management: From the Classroom to the Corporation, Springer Verlag. pp. 3-20. 2020.
    Society faces the challenge of achieving sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental spheres. To achieve this, education in business schools has an important role when it comes to training future main actors of the political, economic and institutional decisions. This chapter proposes two complementary courses of action. On the one hand, it is important to educate for humanism, and, at the same time, this cannot be achieved without educating in a humanistic way. To educate …Read more
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    In recent years, streaming music platforms have become very popular mainly due to the huge number of songs these systems make available to users. This enormous availability means that recommendation mechanisms that help users to select the music they like need to be incorporated. However, developing reliable recommender systems in the music field involves dealing with many problems, some of which are generic and widely studied in the literature while others are specific to this application domai…Read more
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    De Rationibus ac Principiis Quibus Constat Comparatio Aliarum Linguarum (SLA) ad Linguam Latinam Tralatis ac Conversis
    Classical World: A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity 113 (3): 335-356. 2020.
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    Intervention study for the reduction of medication errors in elderly trauma patients
    with María de los Ángeles Parro Martín, Eva Delgado Silveira, Sagrario Martín‐Aragón Álvarez, and Teresa Bermejo Vicedo
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 27 (1): 160-166. 2021.
  • La cortesía en la comunicación
    with Marta Albelda Marco
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    La crítica de Pedro Abelardo a otros nominalismos
    Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval 12 179-190. 2005.
    Al escribir este articulo intento recuperar, para la discusión más contemporánea sobre los universales, al menos una parte de las ideas del lógico y filósofo medieval Pedro Abelardo. En particular, hay ciertas formas de nominalismo, léase, el mentalismo, el nominalismo de conjuntos, y el nominalismo de semejanza(s), que han reaparecido con fuerza nueva en metafísica analítica contemporánea. Abelardo, como nominalista que fue, no sólo argumentó contra tesis de corte realista;, sino que también ev…Read more
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    Development and Validation of an Adolescent Gender-Based Violence Scale
    with Maria Penado-Abilleira
    Anuario de Psicología Jurídica 28 49. 2018.
    The aim of this paper is the construction of a new scale to estimate adolescent gender-based violence. The scale is specifically designed for this population and incorporates new forms of violence, such as cyberviolence. The sample consisted of 701 students aged between 13 and 18 years. The internal consistency of the scale showed a high reliability value in the overall scale, as well as in the subscales of violence committed and violence suffered. The results would suggest that the new scale is…Read more
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    Introducción al conjunto de artículos sobre Memorias colectivas: Usos y representaciones.
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    Construction and Validation of the Intimate Images Diffusion Scale Among Adolescents
    with María Penado, María Marcos Cuesta, and Tania Corrás
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
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    Límites de la crítica aristotélica a la metáfora
    Tópicos: Revista de Filosofía 23 71-97. 2002.
    La metáfora de Aristóteles parece poseer poder cognitivo en tanto herramienta sumamente útil en sus obras poéticas y retóricas. A pesar de este acercamiento positivo a la metáfora, él la critica explícitamente en los Tópicos, donde se ocupa de la exactitud de los términos. Aun con estos argumentos críticos, los aspectos retóricos y poéticos pueden ser apoyados por un análisis de las herramientas dialécticas de los Tópicos. Herramientas tales como razonamiento, pruebas y definiciones, podrían com…Read more
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    ¿Es la relectio de indis solo un discurso de análisis político?
    with Claudio Agüero San Juan and Gustavo Poblete Espíndola
    Alpha (Osorno) 44 153-173. 2017.
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    Dialéctica de la pobreza de la experiencia
    Revista de Filosofía 43 (1): 103-120. 2018.
    Partiendo de la recurrencia del motivo de la pobreza de la experiencia en el marco de la Teoría crítica y su entorno más afín, nos proponemos tematizar la equivocidad que presenta el mismo mediante la delimitación de sus diferentes sentidos en Adorno, Horkheimer y Benjamin. Ello nos permitirá dejar esbozadas las líneas generales de una problemática que, a nuestro entender, es producto de cierta complementariedad pero a la vez tensión entre dichos sentidos.
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    The current study reports on three role-plays investigating the understanding and uses of politeness by native speakers of Spanish from Spain, native speakers of English from the United States, and nonnative speakers of Spanish from the United States. Motivated by the different characterization of Peninsular Spanish and U.S. American cultures as solidarity and distancing cultures, respectively, we expected that American English speakers would be more inclined towards the use of politeness strate…Read more
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    Is the Relectio of Indis only a discourse of political analysis?
    with Claudio Agüero San Juan and Gustavo Poblete Espíndola
    Alpha (Osorno) 44 153-173. 2017.
    Resumen: Este artículo postula que el mejor modo de leer la Relectio de Indis de Francisco de Vitoria es considerar que no solo se trata de un texto que pertenece al género de análisis político. Para fundar esta hipótesis de lectura la investigación discurre en tres niveles: analiza el contexto de producción del texto; fija las características de los textos de análisis político y propone un autor y lector modelos de la Relectio. La conclusión de la investigación distingue entre interpretación y …Read more
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    La actualidad de la hermenéutica. Entrevista a Jean Grondin y Ramón Rodríguez
    with Iñigo Pérez Irigoyen and Antón Sánchez Testas
    Logos. Anales Del Seminario de Metafísica [Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España] 49 (n/a): 11-20. 2016.
    De manera paradójica, la actualidad de la hermenéutica debe buscarse en su diálogo con la tradición filosófica. Diálogo que daría comienzo, en primer lugar, con su recepción de Husserl, la cual no se puede entender tanto como una traición al proyecto fenomenológico cuanto como un llevarlo hasta sus últimas consecuencias. En segundo lugar, la vuelta sobre el proyecto moderno conduciría a un dialógo con Kant y a la discusión de la posición de un sujeto trascendental como condición de la objetivida…Read more
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    Criticizing politicians in Ancient Comedy
    Humanitas 65 55-70. 2013.
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    Argumentación y metáfora en el discurso político en torno a la inmigración
    with Gracia Piñero Piñero and Marina Díaz Peralta
    Arbor 191 (772). 2015.
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    ¿Qué evalúan los instrumentos de evaluación?. Valoraciones de estudiantes
    with Mónica Porto Currás and Elisa Navarro Medina
    Arbor 189 (760). 2013.