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    Circles of Failure, Strategies of Hope
    Forum Philosophicum: International Journal for Philosophy 23 (2): 275-300. 2018.
    This paper asks whether there are grounds for viewing Girard’s work as a tragic vision, and explores the criteria and contexts that might figure in such an investigation. Mimetic anthropology is built on references to the tragic perspective, but its tragic aspect is complex and diaphanous in respect of its structuring and dynamics. Its framework is difficult to explore without engaging with contemporary Christian theological thought—something that significantly affects its implications. As for t…Read more
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    Places in placelessness — notes on the aesthetic and the strategies of place–making
    Argument: Biannual Philosophical Journal 5 (2): 399-414. 2015.
    The paper discusses the aesthetic aspects of place‑making practices in the urban environment of Western metropoles that are struggling with the progressive undifferentiation of their space and the weakening of communal and personal bonds. The paper starts by describing the general characteristics of an urban environment as distinct from the traditional vision of a city as a well‑structured entity, and in relation to formal and informal aesthetics and participatory design ideas. The author then f…Read more