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    Managerial Abilities: Evidence from Religious Mutual Fund Managers (review)
    with Luis Ferruz and Fernando Muñoz
    Journal of Business Ethics 105 (4): 503-517. 2012.
    In this study, we analyze the financial performance and the managerial abilities of religious mutual fund managers, implementing a comparative analysis with conventional mutual funds. We use a broad sample, free of survivorship bias, of religious equity mutual funds from the US market, for the period from January 1994 to September 2010. We build a matched-pair conventional sample in order to compare the results obtained for both kinds of mutual fund managers. We analyze stock-picking and market …Read more
  • " Le pressentiment" d'Emmanuel Bove
    Studium 14 29-40. 2008.
  • Socially responsible mutual fund exit decisions
    with Mercedes Alda and Fernando Muñoz
    Business Ethics: A European Review 29 (1): 82-97. 2020.
    Business Ethics: A European Review, EarlyView.