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    Die epistemische Ambiguität der Verwundbarkeit
    Zeitschrift für Praktische Philosophie 9 (1): 155-178. 2022.
    Angesichts der angeblichen axiologischen Neutralität des Wissens, die in Teilen der Wissenschaft proklamiert wird, bieten seit langem mehrere philosophische Strömungen verschiedene Darstellungen der internen Verbindung zwischen Wissen und Machtverhältnissen. Diese reiche Geschichte umfasst Beiträge u. a. aus dem Poststrukturalismus, dem Marxismus, der Kritischen Theorie, den Decolonial und Critical Race Studies, dem Feminismus und den Theorien der epistemischen Ungerechtigkeit. Trotz ihrer viele…Read more
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    Social suffering has become in the past decades a key topic in various disciplines of the humanities, leading to a number of debates on its status within social analysis and normative philosophy. Problems of this sort are especially relevant in view of the fact that experiences of suffering have become a central figure of political life in many parts of the globe. This introduction provides an overview of these discussions and presents the articles included in this special issue.
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    The prior issue of Krisis (42:1) published Critical Naturalism: A Manifesto, with the aim to instigate a debate of the issues raised in this manifesto – the necessary re-thinking of the role (and the concept) of nature in critical theory in relation to questions of ecology, health, and inequality. Since Krisis considers itself a place for philosophical debates that take contemporary struggles as starting point, it issued an open call and solicited responses to the manifesto. This is one of the s…Read more
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    The critique of the pervasiveness of instrumental reason in modern capitalist societies is a hallmark of the Frankfurt School critical theory. In this regard, Axel Honneth’s recognition theory seems to depart considerably from his predecessors in the critical tradition. He considers the representation of the economic system as a normatively neutralized social sphere a fictional and misleading one, an instantiation of the fallacy of misplaced concreteness. It can be argued, however, that Honneth’…Read more