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    Book Review: On Bullshit (review)
    Journal of International Political Theory 1 (2): 219-223. 2005.
  • When The Guns Fall Silent: Towards an Adequate Theory of Jus Post Bellum
    with Christine Stender
    International Journal of Ethics 6 (1): 65-86. 2008.
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    War, Terror, and Ethics (edited book)
    Nova Science Publishers. 2008.
    This collection of essays represents a sample of the work carried out on the various urgent issues arising from the contemporary "war in terror" by researchers in the Department of Politics and International Relations, Swansea University UK and/or who attended the 2005 conference on politics and ethics at the University of Southern Mississippi (Gulf Coast). Certain specific topics are obviously prompted by this general theme; others dealt with in this book are perhaps not as obviously connected …Read more
  • The ‘Failed’ State: Morality, Ideology and Global Responsibility
    International Journal of Ethics 6 (1): 87-100. 2008.
  • Preface
    International Journal of Ethics 6 (1): 1-2. 2008.
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    Pluralising liberalism, liberalising pluralism
    Res Publica 10 (4): 449-460. 2004.
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    Notes on Contributors
    Journal of International Political Theory 1. 2005.
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    Notes on Contributors
    Politics and Ethics Review 1 (2). 2005.
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    Moral Responsibilities and the Conflicting Demands of Jus Post Bellum
    Ethics and International Affairs 23 (2): 147-164. 2009.
    The inclusion of jus post bellum in just war theory may be justified. But, according to Evans, it becomes problematic when confronted with tenets of "just occupation," namely that sovereignty or self-determination should be restored to the occupied people as soon as is reasonably possible.
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    Egalitarianism and Merit in a Non-Ideal World: The Problem of Two-Tier Education
    Journal of International Political Theory 1 1-21. 2005.
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    Just war, democracy, democratic peace
    European Journal of Political Theory 11 (2): 191-208. 2012.
    In recent times, ‘just war’ discourse has become unfortunately associated, in the minds of some, with the idea of the forcible promotion or imposition of democracy as a legitimate just cause. It would thus be understandable if supporters of just war theory were to disavow any particular linkage of its tenets with the democratic ideal. However, while certainly not endorsing the stated cause, this article contends that the theory in its most plausible and attractive form does exhibit certain biase…Read more
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    Harry Frankfurt, On Bullshit
    Journal of International Political Theory 1 219-223. 2005.
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    Democracy and Political Education
    with Pavo Barišić, Larry A. Hickman, Jörg Wernecke, Heda Festini, Olga Simova, Lenart Škof, Henning Ottmann, Reinhard Mehring, and Barbara Zehnpfennig
    Synthesis Philosophica 25 (1): 1. 2010.
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    A Profane Deformity of Democratic Discourse
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 50 147-169. 2008.
    In his provocative definition of bullshit as “indifference to the truth”, Harry Frankfurt contentiously states that democracy is particularly prone to this deformity of discourse because of “the widespread conviction that it is the responsibility of a citizen in a democracy to have opinions about everything, or at least everything that pertains to the conduct of his country’s affairs.” I provide an exposition of this claim that Frankfurt does not himself give and I contend that he has identified…Read more