• This dissertation investigates the current theoretical debate in cognitive science between classical cognitivism and connectionism. The investigation includes an historical, an exegetical and a critical component. The purpose in the historical section is to determine the debate's origins and thus provide a larger historical perspective without which it is impossible to appreciate the debate's substance and significance. This section traces the debate's origins to the 1930s and 1940s. It was duri…Read more
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    The Architecture of Solitude
    Environment, Space, Place 1 (1): 53-72. 2009.
    As a spiritual or meditative practice solitude implies more than mere silence or being alone. While these are perhaps indispensablecomponents, it is possible to be alone or to live in silence and nevertheless be unable to reconfigure these into genuine solitude. Solitude is also more than being in some remote or inaccessible place. Even though geographical isolation might be conducive to solitude, with rare exceptions human beings have seldom sought solitude in complete seclusion in the wilderne…Read more