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    Nonrigid band shift and nonmonotonic electronic structure changes upon doping in the normal state of the pnictide high-temperature superconductor Ba2 A s2
    with P. Vilmercati, S. K. Mo, A. Fedorov, A. Sefat, B. Sales, D. Mandrus, D. J. Singh, W. Ku, S. Johnston, and N. Mannella
    © 2016 American Physical Society.We report systematic angle-resolved photoemission experiments using different photon polarizations and experimental geometries and find that the doping evolution of the normal state of Ba2As2 deviates significantly from the predictions of a rigid band model. The data reveal a nonmonotonic dependence upon doping of key quantities such as band filling, bandwidth of the electron pocket, and quasiparticle coherence. Our analysis suggests that the observed phenomenolo…Read more