•  15
    Leibniz and the Vienna Circle
    In Paola Cantù & Georg Schiemer (eds.), Logic, Epistemology, and Scientific Theories – From Peano to the Vienna Circle, Springer Nature Switzerland. pp. 89-113. 2023.
    As recent scholarship has repeatedly shown, the history of Vienna Circle is to some extent rooted in the tradition of Austrian Philosophy which Neurath considered as not involved in the “Kantian interlude”. Nevertheless, it seems that the heritage of Leibniz and, in particular, of his “reform of logic” has been hitherto neglected. Indeed, Leibnizianism (along with Herbartianism) represents a main feature of this tradition stretching from Bolzano to quite forgotten figures as Exner and Zimmermann…Read more
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    On the eve of the “Philosophy of Symbolic Forms”: Cassirer and Hegel
    European Journal of Philosophy 31 (4): 1125-1134. 2023.
    This paper aims at focusing on Cassirer's relationship with Hegel during the crucial period when Cassirer is outlining and completing the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms in the early 1920s. The main thesis is that Cassirer has never abandoned his original Neo-Kantian approach, despite the fact that it has been enriched within the perspective of a philosophy of culture indebted to some extent also to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. However, Cassirer maintains that Kant's critical idealism must be c…Read more
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    Schopenhauer und Nietzsche haben eine bedeutende Rolle in Schlicks philosophischem Werdegang gespielt. Es geht um einen bis dato wenig berücksichtigten Umstand, dem freilich nicht bloß eine biographische Bedeutung zukommt. Denn Schopenhauer und Nietzsche sind zwei Hauptfiguren, die nicht nur die Bildungszeit Schlicks prägten, sondern auch seine spätere philosophische Tätigkeit, und zwar bis auf die Wiener Zeit, verschiedenartig beeinflusst haben. Dieser Einfluss lässt sich besser verstehen, wenn…Read more
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    Nietzsche in Bayreuth: Nietzsches Herausforderung, die Wagnerianer und die Gegenoffensive
    In Mazzino Montinari, Wolfgang Müller-Lauter, Heinz Wenzel, Günter Abel & Werner Stegmaier (eds.), 1990, De Gruyter. pp. 246-291. 1989.
  •  7
    : Dem wissenschaftlichen Determinismus auf der Spur: Von der klassischen Mechanik zur Entstehung der Quantenphysik
    Hopos: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 13 (1): 202-208. 2023.
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    Schlick’s relationship with the Tractatus has been mainly investigated in what concerns the conception both of language and world, the insight of logic, the criteria of verifiability, the proper role of philosophy as mental activity. However, some other features of Schlick’s reading of the Tractatus require a closer consideration. In the 1920s, Schlick was dealing with the questions of ethics (and, to some extent, of religion), that represent from the early days the core issue of his philosophy …Read more
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    Introduces the problem of the symbolic structure of physics, surveys the modern history of symbols, proceeds to an epistemological discussion of the role of symbols in our knowledge of nature, and addresses key issues related to the methodology of physics and the character of its symbolic structures.
  •  19
    Cassirer’s Children, Special Topics Issue, JTPH, Vol. II/2021
    Journal of Transcendental Philosophy 2 (1): 1-5. 2021.
  •  18
    Ernst Cassirer’s Legacy: History of Philosophy and History of Science
    Journal of Transcendental Philosophy 2 (1): 85-109. 2021.
    The paper is devoted to an overview of Cassirer’s work both as historian of philosophy and historian of science. Indeed, the “intelletcual cooperation” between history of philosophy and history of science represents an essential feature of Cassirer’s style of philosophizing: while the roots of a wide exploration stretching from Renaissance thought to modern physics go back to the Neo-Kantianism of the Marburg School, the results of a similar cross-fertilization of research fields have deeply con…Read more
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    Alois Riehl and Scientific Philosophy
    In Rudolf Meer & Giuseppe Motta (eds.), Kant in Österreich: Alois Riehl Und der Weg Zum Kritischen Realismus, De Gruyter. pp. 179-200. 2021.
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    In contemporary Italian political debate we are witness to an increasing oblivion of a proper tradition of thought that lively animated the scene before and immediately after the First World War. This paper aims at focusing the contribution that among others Rodolfo Mondolfo, Piero Gobetti, and Carlo Rosselli offered in order to rethink the bond between ethics, socialism, and political action. This topic, as the author suggests, remains even today highly relevant.
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    Moritz Schlick: metafisica, positivismo, realismo
    Discipline filosofiche. 23 (1): 99-121. 2013.
    The aim of this paper is to point out some interesting features of Moritz Schlick’s thought regarding both his refusal of Metaphysics and his view of the relationship between Realism and Positivism. In particular, the author stresses the importance of Schlick’s early attempts to define the concept of truth as well as to formulate a kind of pre-linguistic verificationism. Unpublished letters and manuscripts have been considered in order to give a more precise picture of Schlick’s intellectual dev…Read more
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    Hermann Cohen, der Begründer der Marburger Schule des Neukantianismus, hat einen bis dato unterirdischen Einfluss auf den Logischen Empirismus ausgeübt. Seine Konzeption der transzendentalen Methode sowie seine scharfe Polemik gegen den Psychologismus wurden insbesondere von Rudolf Carnap und Hans Reichenbach zum Teil angenommen, aber zugleich auch umgewandelt. Reichenbach’s Analyse der Wissenschaft und Carnaps logische Analyse wissenschaftlicher Sätze sind mit Cohens Ansatz in dem Sinne noch ve…Read more
  •  2
    Natur versus Freiheit
    In Violetta L. Waibel, Margit Ruffing & David Wagner (eds.), Natur und Freiheit. Akten des XII. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses, De Gruyter. pp. 377-396. 2018.
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    Lewis and Schlick
    European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy 11 (1). 2019.
    This paper explores the philosophical relationship between Clarence Irving Lewis and Moritz Schlick, questioning their understanding of verificationism. At stake is not only the crucial point of the possibility of verifying statements regarding, for instance, the other side of the moon, but also the proper status of ethical values in opposition to, or in connection with, scientific propositions grounded in experience. This latter aspect can better explain how both Lewis and Schlick understand th…Read more
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    Cerebral and muscle oxygen saturation measurement by frequency-domain near-infra-red spectrometer
    with R. A. De Blasi, S. Fantini, M. A. Franceschini, and E. Gratton
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