Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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    The chapter argues that all people philosophize in so far as they pose fundamental questions and reflect on fundamental aspects of life, human conduct and human relations. It sketches communality in traditional African life, and argues that African philosophy should speculate about and provide a conceptual interpretation and analysis of human problems and human experience in the African context. The notion of ubuntu is identified as pervasive and fundamental to African socio-ethical thought, as …Read more
  • The Digital Divide: Facing a Crisis or Creating a Myth?
    Knowledge, Technology & Policy 14 (4): 182-185. 2002.
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    Failing to Compete
    Knowledge, Technology & Policy 16 (2): 117-121. 2003.
  • Systems theory and educational discourse
    In Philip Higgs (ed.), Metatheories in philosophy of education, [distributed By] Thorold's Africana Books. pp. 285--306. 1995.