•  17
    Nancy E. Snow (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Virtue (review)
    Journal of Moral Philosophy 18 562-565. 2021.
  •  48
    Anti-Intellectualism: Bergson and Contemporary Encounters
    In Mark Sinclair & Yaron Wolf (eds.), The Bergsonian Mind, . forthcoming.
    Though one of anti-intellectualism’s key historical figures, Henri Bergson’s thought has not played a significant role in ongoing discussions of that topic. This paper attempts to help change this situation by discussing the notion at the centre of Bergson’s anti-intellectualism (namely, intuition) alongside the notion at the centre of a central form of contemporary anti-intellectualism (namely, know-how or skill). In doing so, it focuses on perhaps the most common objection to both Bergson and …Read more
  •  332
    The Importance of Roles in the Skill Analogy
    Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 17 (1): 75-102. 2020.
    This paper argues for a reinterpretation of the skill analogy in virtue ethics. It argues that the skill analogy should not be understood as proposing that being virtuous is analogous to possessing a practical skill but, rather, as proposing that being virtuous is analogous to being a good occupant of a skill-involving role. The paper argues for this by engaging with various standard objections to the analogy, two recent defences of it, and Aristotle’s treatment of it in developing his account o…Read more
  •  190
    Gilbert Ryle and the Ethical Impetus for Know-How
    Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 8 (1): 01-21. 2020.
    This paper aims to shed light on an underexplored aspect of Gilbert Ryle’s interest in the notion of “knowing-how”. It is argued that in addition to his motive of discounting a certain theory of mind, his interest in the notion also stemmed (and perhaps stemmed more deeply) from two ethical interests: one concerning his own life as a philosopher and whether the philosopher has any meaningful task, and one concerning the ancient issue of whether virtue is a kind of knowledge. It is argued that Ry…Read more