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Areas of Specialization
Normative Ethics
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    The Pessimism of Luiz Costa Lima
    The European Legacy 17 (6): 791-802. 2012.
    This article examines the relationship between the philosophical marginalisation of pessimism in Joshua Foa Dienstag's Pessimism: Philosophy, Ethic, Spirit (2006) and the concept of mimesis in the work of Luiz Costa Lima, particularly in his Control of the Imaginary (1988). My aim is threefold: (1) to compare the shared background and peripheral contexts of Dienstag's and Costa Lima's work; (2) to discuss the significance of Cervantes's Don Quixote in this comparative analysis; and (3) to charac…Read more
  • Methodology, Metascience, and Political Theology
    Lonergan Workshop 2 281-403. 1981.
  • The Production Process and Exponential Growth
    Lonergan Workshop 1 257-307. 1978.
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    This paper compares Pierre Hadot’s work on the history of philosophy as a way of life to the work of Albert Camus. I will argue that in the early work of Camus, up to and including the publication of The Myth of Sisyphus, there is evidence to support the notions that, firstly, Camus also identified these historical moments as obstacles to the practice of ascesis, and secondly, that he proceeded by orienting his own work toward overcoming these obstacles, and thus toward a modern rehabilitation o…Read more
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    The Rebirth of Tragedy: Camus and Nietzsche
    Philosophy Today 55 (1): 96-108. 2011.