• The Invisible Hand in Virtual Worlds: The Economic Order of Video Games (edited book)
    Cambridge University Press. 2021.
    Video games aren't merely casual entertainment: they are the heart of one of the fastest-growing media industries in the world, and a cultural phenomenon in their own right. Gaming has evolved from a niche pastime into a global business that rivals film and television, creating, in the process, new art forms and social arenas and have become the subject of endless public debate. This book shows that games also provide a unique space in which to study economic behavior. Games, more than any other…Read more
  • Austrian Perspectives on Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Organization
    with Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein
    Cambridge University Press. 2019.
    The 'Austrian' tradition is well-known for its definitive contributions to economics in the twentieth century. However, Austrian economics also offers an exciting research agenda outside the traditional boundaries of economics, especially in the management disciplines. This Element examines how Austrian ideas play a key role in expanding the understanding of fields like entrepreneurship, strategy, and organization. It focuses especially on the vital role that entrepreneurs play in guiding econom…Read more
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    The morals of moral hazard: a contracts approach
    Business Ethics: A European Review 26 (1): 47-62. 2017.
    Although moral hazard is a well-known economic concept, there is a long-standing controversy over its moral implications. The language economists use to describe moral hazard is often value-laden, and implies moral judgments about the persons or actions of economic agents. This in turn leads some to question whether it is actually a scientific concept, or simply a convenient tool for criticizing certain public policies. At present, there is no consensus about the moral meaning of moral hazard, o…Read more