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    On the Adoption Problem and Meta-Logical Monism
    with Joaquín Toranzo Calderón and Jonathan Erenfryd
    Análisis Filosófico 42 (1): 53-78. 2022.
    According to the Adoption Problem certain basic logical principles cannot be adopted. Drawing on the AP, Suki Finn presents an argument against logical pluralism: Modus Ponens and Universal Instantiation both govern a general structure shared by every logical rule. As such, analogues of these two rules must be present in every meta-logic for any logical system L, effectively imposing a restriction to logical pluralism at the meta-level through their presence constituting a “meta-logical monism”.…Read more
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    Redescribing Final Vocabularies
    European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy 12 (1). 2020.
    Richard Rorty in Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity presents the character of the liberal ironist. An ironist is a person that has pressing and continuing doubts about her “final vocabulary.” A final vocabulary is a set of words that one uses to justify and narrate oneself. An interesting question is why words, and not beliefs, are used by Rorty to characterize someone’s identity. In this paper I take a step back from liberal ironism and focus on the notion of “final vocabulary” and its role on …Read more