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    Nietzsche’s turn: from nature as value-less to value-laden
    Continental Philosophy Review 56 (2): 243-258. 2023.
    Nietzsche writes a preface to _The Gay Science_ in 1886, four years after its first four books were in print. In this address, he explains that he has _been ill_ and is _in recovery_. He diagnoses himself as having suffered from “romanticism.” Nietzsche warns that he will henceforth vent his malice on the sort of lyrical romantic sentimentalism from which he suffered. Nietzsche then undertakes to write an additional fifth book to the corpus, which he added in 1887—a year after the above-referenc…Read more
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    Heidegger's Will to Power and the Problem of Nietzsche's Nihilism
    Dissertation, University of South Florida. 2019.
    Nietzsche is not a nihilist as Heidegger interprets Nietzsche to be.
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    with Rebecca Weisman
    International Journal of Žižek Studies 9 (1). 2015.
    A ‘glitch’, the parallax gap brokered by communication technologies, is a hiccough in smooth technological operation, one that is both undeniable and unresolvable. The glitch draws attention to the inherent contradictions of the technological proffer to seamlessly augment and enhance a life unaided by technology. There is no life unaided by technology, and the glitch is what introduces to life the gap between failure and fantasy, self and other, individual and community, inside and outside, repr…Read more