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    Navigating the Penumbra: Children and Moral Responsibility
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 58 (1): 77-101. 2020.
  •  23
    Philosophical ethics in early childhood: A pilot study
    with Tugce B. Arda Tuncdemir
    Journal of Philosophy in Schools 4 (1): 74-101. 2017.
    The Philosophical Ethics in Early Childhood project aims to advance knowledge of preschool children’s ethical understanding and explores the effectiveness of philosophical discussion of children’s literature and extension activities for fostering ethical development in early childhood. In this article we discuss results of our ethics education study with preschool children, including pre-post measurement of experimental and control groups and a 12-week educational intervention focusing on the th…Read more
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    Educating the whole child: social-emotional learning and ethics education
    with Nikolaus J. Barkauskas
    Ethics and Education 12 (2): 218-232. 2017.
    Research supporting social and emotional learning in schools demonstrates numerous benefits for students, including increased academic achievement and social and emotional competencies. However, research supporting the adoption of SEL lacks a clear conception of ethical competence. This lack of clarity is problematic for two reasons. First, it contributes to the conflation of social, emotional, and ethical competencies. Second, as a result, insufficient attention is paid to the related, yet dist…Read more
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    Melarete and peech: Preface to an international philosophy with children collaboration
    with Mortari Luigina
    Childhood and Philosophy 13 (26): 69-86. 2017.
    In this paper we discuss two research programs – MELARETE and Philosophical Ethics in Early Childhood – and an emerging international research collaboration based on the benefits of practicing philosophy for meaning in early and middle childhood education. We argue for the good of philosophical thinking and its benefits to young students, with a particular focus on ethical development and meaning. We contend that through philosophical pedagogy we can make learning, meaning, vital to students. Th…Read more
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    Sally Haslanger
    Social Theory and Practice 40 (1): 145-152. 2014.