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    Petrus de Hibernia
    Philosophical Studies (Dublin) 33 201-230. 1991.
  • FitzRalph on Mind
    Maynooth Philosophical Papers 6 57-66. 2011.
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    A Being-towards-Death — the Vado mori
    Maynooth Philosophical Papers 4 1-16. 2007.
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    Evil and Indifference
    Maynooth Philosophical Papers 8 1-13. 2016.
    This article is a personal reflection on the question of the importance of human experience regarding suffering and death. It is also a reflection on the paradoxical indifference that many feel with regard to the suffering of others. It concludes, after an examination of some of the major thinkers on the topic, that we may well be forced to concede that to this question we may possibly be unable to give an answer.
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    When John Duns Scotus died at the young age of 42, seven centuries ago in 1308, he did not leave behind a completed body of work which would present his mature philosophical thought. Thus, the followers of Scotus were faced with the challenging task of interpreting the texts of the Subtle Docotr. Since Scotism became one of the most important schools of thought by the early modern period, the synthesis elaborated by the most famous of the commentators on Scotus’s philosophy Hugo Cavellus, Irish …Read more
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    Petrus de Hibernia
    Philosophical Studies (Dublin) 33 201-230. 1991.
  • John Blund: Treatise on the Soul (edited book)
    with R. W. Hunt
    Oup/British Academy. 2012.
    John Blund's Treatise on the Soul is probably the earliest text of its kind: a witness to the first reception of Greek and Arabic psychology at Oxford and foundation for a new area of medieval philosophical speculation. This book contains Hunt's Latin edition with a new English translation and a new introduction to the text by Michael Dunne
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    Petrus de Hibernia
    Philosophical Studies (Dublin) 33 201-230. 1991.
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    The Gilson Lectures on Thomas Aquinas
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 17 (2): 412-415. 2009.
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    No Title available: Book reviews (review)
    Religious Studies 45 (1): 119-124. 2009.
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    The commentary of Peter of Auvergne on Aristotle's On length and shortness of life
    Archives d'Histoire Doctrinale et Littéraire du Moyen Âge 69 (1): 153-200. 2002.
    Cet article présente la première édition critique du commentaire sur le De longitudine et brevitate vitae Aristotelis de Pierre d’Auvergne, ainsi qu’une édition de la traduction de Guillaume de Moerbeke. Le texte est particulièrement intéressant, parce qu’il fait partie, semble-t-il, du projet de Pierre d’Auvergne de compléter les commentaires sur les Parva naturalia de Thomas d’Aquin. L’introduction étudie aussi le concept philosophique de ‘vie’ chez Aristote
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    I wish, in this article to take the opportunity to present some of the preliminary results of my preparatory investigations towards a first edition of Richard FitzRalph's Commentary on the Sentences. FitzRalph later became famous (or infamous) because of his criticism of the incursions of the religious orders into what he regarded as the proper preserve of the secular clergy. Much of the attention of scholars has concentrated upon the figure of Armachanus contra omnes, and little has been devote…Read more
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    Richard Kearney's 'philosophy at the limit'
    Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 67 (2). 2005.
    This paper examines a recent trilogy of books by Richard Kearney collectively entitled 'Philosophy at the Limit'. Kearney is perhaps best known to the wider academic world because of his publications on, and dialogues with, Contemporary European Philosophy. In the first of these books, On Stories, Kearney, in common with many contemporary thinkers seeks to push back the frontiers of philosophy to include all forms of narrative such as literature, film, theatre as well as other disciplines such a…Read more
  • How Not to Be an Atheist (review)
    Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society 215-222. 2006.
  • Magitri Petri de Ybernia Expositio et quaestiones in Aristotelis librum De longitudine et brevitate vitae
    with Petrus de Ybernia
    Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 57 (2): 354-355. 1995.
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    Beati pauperes spiritu
    with James Mcevoy
    Recherches de Theologie Et Philosophie Medievales 72 (2): 363-392. 2005.
    While searching for manuscripts of the writings of Robert Grosseteste, S.H. Thomson examined British Library MS Royal 11 B III and ascribed a short work on poverty to Grosseteste probably since it was found together with the authentic work De decem mandatis and had been copied by the same scribe. Upon closer examination it is concluded that the work is unlikely to have been written by Grosseteste. Nevertheless, the work is of interest as a highly structured anthology of sources regarding poverty…Read more
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    The article seeks to summarise recent research carried out by the author into thirteenth and fourteenth-century commentaries on the De longitudine et brevitate vitae. The texts of some representative commentaries are examined as a means of assessing the reception of Aristotle's natural philosophy in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. As this is an area which has received comparatively little attention from researchers up to now, it is hoped that in examining commentaries on this one text o…Read more