• Princeton University
    University Center for Human Values
    Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Research Associate In Bioethics
Harvard University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2018
Princeton, New Jersey, United States of America
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    Matters of Life and Death
    Dissertation, Harvard University. 2018.
    This dissertation comprises three chapters, each of which is concerned with a normative topic having to do with death. Chapter 1, “Against Deprivationism,” is concerned with the deprivationist thesis that a person’s death is bad for her if and only if, and because and to the extent that, it makes her life worse for her than it otherwise would have been. I argue that deprivationism is probably false. Chapter 2, “Some Versions of Lucretius’ Puzzle,” is concerned with Lucretius’ Puzzle, very roughl…Read more
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    Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 8 (3): 1-32. 2014.
    In recent years, philosophers have proposed a variety of accounts of the nature of harm. In this paper, I consider several of these accounts and argue that they are unsuccessful. I then make a modest case for a different view.