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    Mediating Mechanisms and Emotions
    Emotion Review 2 (2): 111-112. 2010.
    Kagan successfully forces us to re-examine our assumptions and concepts regarding the broad field of “emotion.” His postulated four phases start with the brain state provoked by some stimulus. While that constitutes a reasonable starting point, the specificity of the brain qualities provoked by different types of stimuli remains uncertain. The recommendations on the way forward are the least satisfying aspects of this article. Integration would have been helped by some consideration of the role …Read more
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    Savant skills in autism: Psychometric approaches and parental reports
    with Patricia Howlin, Susan Goode, and Jane Hutton
    In Francesca Happé & Uta Frith (eds.), Autism and Talent, Oup/the Royal Society. 2010.