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    Do Contracts Make Them Care? The Impact of CEO Compensation Design on Corporate Social Performance
    with Jean McGuire, Jana Oehmichen, and Roman Hilgers
    Journal of Business Ethics 157 (2): 375-390. 2019.
    Using the behavioral agency model, we analyze how two compensation design characteristics, pay-performance sensitivity and duration of CEO compensation, affect corporate social performance. We find that the performance sensitivity of CEO pay is negatively associated with poor social performance but also negatively affects strong social performance. These results suggest that pay-performance sensitivity increases the relevance of potential negative consequences of poor social performance. However…Read more
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    Kants Auflösung des Leib-Seele-Problems
    In Sally Sedgwick & Dina Emundts (eds.), Bewusstsein/Consciousness, De Gruyter. pp. 49-76. 2016.