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    NAS-50 and NAS-40: New scales for the assessment of self-control
    with Natalia Wójcik, Beata Janik, Aleksandra Gruszka, Jarosław Orzechowski, Radosław Wujcik, and Edward Nęcka
    Polish Psychological Bulletin 47 (3): 346-355. 2016.
    In this paper, we present a new questionnaire for the assessment of self-control as an individual trait. We describe the process of construction of this assessment tool. We also report the results of relevant validation studies. The questionnaire has two independent versions, one based on self-reports and another one based on other-reports. The first version consists of five subscales, called Initiative and Persistence, Proactive Control, Switching and Flexibility, Inhibition and Adjournment, an…Read more
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    The significance of Executive Functions for the Trait of Self-Control: A Psychometric Study
    with Edward Nęcka, Aleksandra Gruszka, Jarosław Orzechowski, and Natalia Wójcik
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
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    Enhancement of Executive Control through Short-term Cognitive Training: Far-transfer Effects on General Fluid Intelligence
    with Edward Nęcka and Radosław Wujcik
    Polish Psychological Bulletin 48 (1): 72-78. 2017.
    We predicted that short-term training of executive control would improve both cognitive control itself and general fluid intelligence. We randomly assigned 120 high school students to the experimental and control groups. The former underwent a 14-day training of four executive functions: interference resolution, response inhibition, task switching, and goal monitoring. The latter did not train anything. The training significantly improved cognitive control and IQ. The control group also improved…Read more