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    Previous studies have identified the critical role of the left fusiform cortex in visual word form processing, learning, and memory. However, this so-called visual word form area's other functions are not clear. In this study, we used fMRI and the subsequent memory paradigm to examine whether the putative VWFA was involved in the processing and successful memory encoding of faces as well as words. Twenty-two native Chinese speakers were recruited to memorize the visual forms of faces and Chinese…Read more
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    A reference genome for common bean and genome-wide analysis of dual domestications
    with J. Schmutz, P. E. McClean, S. Mamidi, G. A. Wu, S. B. Cannon, J. Grimwood, J. Jenkins, S. Shu, Q. Song, C. Chavarro, M. Torres-Torres, V. Geffroy, S. M. Moghaddam, D. Gao, B. Abernathy, K. Barry, M. Blair, M. A. Brick, M. Chovatia, P. Gepts, D. M. Goodstein, M. Gonzales, U. Hellsten, D. L. Hyten, G. Jia, J. D. Kelly, D. Kudrna, R. Lee, Richard M. M. S., P. N. Miklas, J. M. Osorno, J. Rodrigues, V. Thareau, C. A. Urrea, M. Wang, Y. Yu, R. A. Wing, P. B. Cregan, D. S. Rokhsar, and S. A. Jackson
    Common bean is the most important grain legume for human consumption and has a role in sustainable agriculture owing to its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. We assembled 473 Mb of the 587-Mb genome and genetically anchored 98% of this sequence in 11 chromosome-scale pseudomolecules. We compared the genome for the common bean against the soybean genome to find changes in soybean resulting from polyploidy. Using resequencing of 60 wild individuals and 100 landraces from the genetically differe…Read more
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    Three-dimensional structural dynamics and fluctuations of DNA-nanogold conjugates by individual-particle electron tomography
    with L. Zhang, D. Lei, J. M. Smith, H. Tong, X. Zhang, Z. Lu, J. Liu, A. P. Alivisatos, and G. Ren
    DNA base pairing has been used for many years to direct the arrangement of inorganic nanocrystals into small groupings and arrays with tailored optical and electrical properties. The control of DNA-mediated assembly depends crucially on a better understanding of three-dimensional structure of DNA-nanocrystal-hybridized building blocks. Existing techniques do not allow for structural determination of these flexible and heterogeneous samples. Here we report cryo-electron microscopy and negative-st…Read more
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    Fully Mechanically Controlled Automated Electron Microscopic Tomography
    with J. Liu, H. Li, L. Zhang, M. Rames, Y. Yu, B. Peng, C. D. Celis, A. Xu, Q. Zou, X. Yang, X. Chen, and G. Ren
    Knowledge of three-dimensional structures of each individual particles of asymmetric and flexible proteins is essential in understanding those proteins' functions; but their structures are difficult to determine. Electron tomography provides a tool for imaging a single and unique biological object from a series of tilted angles, but it is challenging to image a single protein for three-dimensional reconstruction due to the imperfect mechanical control capability of the specimen goniometer under …Read more