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    Engaging schooling: developing exemplary education for students in poverty
    British Journal of Educational Studies 67 (1): 140-142. 2019.
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    Ilyenkov’s ideal: Can we bank on it?
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 54 (3): 299-309. 2022.
    Education for Sustainable Development supports processes of change in complex socio-ecological systems. Where and how this change takes place are important considerations as we seek to enhance our capacity to challenge existing systems and thus produce and reproduce our life activities in more sustainable ways. This paper considers the possibilities for change in a system as deeply embedded in our social and material existence as capitalism. It rejects the notion that there is no alternative and…Read more
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    Realism Explanation and Truth in the Biological Sciences
    Dissertation, University of Bradford. 1994.
    The traditional emphasis on the physics of the very small is questioned, and the suggestion made that a crucial test of contributions to the philosophy of science ought to be their applicability to areas which are more representative of the scientific enterprise. Life science is cited as just such an area. It is quantum physics, rather than biology, which nurtures anti-realism. The most respected anti-realism today is that provided by Bas C van Fraassen; and the persuasiveness of his "Constru…Read more