•  981
    A Naturalistic Vision of Free Will
    In Elizabeth O'Neill & Edouard Machery (eds.), Current Controversies in Experimental Philosophy, Routledge. 2014.
    We argue, contra Joshua Knobe in a companion chapter, that most people have an understanding of free will and responsible agency that is compatible with a naturalistic vision of the human mind. Our argument is supported by results from a new experimental philosophy study showing that most people think free will is consistent with complete and perfect prediction of decisions and actions based on prior activity in the brain (a scenario adapted from Sam Harris who predicts most people will find it…Read more
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    Explanations of the gender gap in philosophy
    Philosophy Compass 12 (3). 2017.
    Recently, researchers have begun to empirically investigate the gender gap in philosophy and provide potential explanations for the underrepresentation of women in philosophy relative to their representation in other disciplines. This empirical research as well as research on the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields has shed light on a priori, armchair explanations of the gender gap. For example, implicit bias and stereotype threat may contribute much less to th…Read more
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    Do men and women have different philosophical intuitions? Further data
    with Toni Adleberg and Eddy Nahmias
    Philosophical Psychology 28 (5): 615-641. 2015.
    To address the underrepresentation of women in philosophy effectively, we must understand the causes of the early loss of women. In this paper we challenge one of the few explanations that has focused on why women might leave philosophy at early stages. Wesley Buckwalter and Stephen Stich offer some evidence that women have different intuitions than men about philosophical thought experiments. We present some concerns about their evidence and we discuss our own study, in which we attempted to re…Read more
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    Why Do Women Leave Philosophy? Surveying Students at the Introductory Level
    with Toni Adleberg, Sam Sims, and Eddy Nahmias
    Philosophers' Imprint 16. 2016.
    Although recent research suggests that women are underrepresented in philosophy after initial philosophy courses, there have been relatively few empirical investigations into the factors that lead to this early drop-off in women’s representation. In this paper, we present the results of empirical investigations at a large American public university that explore various factors contributing to women’s underrepresentation in philosophy at the undergraduate level. We administered climate surveys to…Read more
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    Causally Interpreting Intersectionality Theory
    with Liam Kofi Bright and Daniel Malinsky
    Philosophy of Science 83 (1): 60-81. 2016.
    Social scientists report difficulties in drawing out testable predictions from the literature on intersectionality theory. We alleviate that difficulty by showing that some characteristic claims of the intersectionality literature can be interpreted causally. The formalism of graphical causal modeling allows claims about the causal effects of occupying intersecting identity categories to be clearly represented and submitted to empirical testing. After outlining this causal interpretation of inte…Read more