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    Education for World Citizenship: Beyond national allegiance
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 41 (4): 466-486. 2009.
    A resurgence of national and international interest in citizenship education, citizenship and social cohesion has been coupled with an apparent emergence of a language of crisis. Given this background, how can or should one consider a subjective sense of membership in a single political community? What this article hopes to show is that confining the subject of citizenship or patriotism to a national framework is inadequate in as much as there are grounds to argue for a more expansive and, at th…Read more
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    World Citizenship, Identity and the Notion of an Integrated Self
    Studies in Philosophy and Education 23 (2/3): 131-148. 2004.
    In light of the complex notions ofidentity, this paper attempts to consider howto perceive the notion of world citizenship.The paper looks to discussions on the self andidentity; focusing on the writing of CharlesTaylor and Alasdair MacIntyre, with particularattention given to the notion of an integratedself