N Moinudheen

Bharathiar University Coimbatore
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    Rhinoceros beetle (Xylotrupes taprobanes ganesha Silvestre, 2003) recently recorded from Nilgiri hills,Western Ghats.
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    Species Focus On Sholicola Major
    Newsletter of Nilgiri History Society 2 (8). 2019.
    The Nilgiri sholakili is an endangered and endemic bird species found in the Nilgiris at altitudinal ranges of over 1000m, mainly north of the Palghat gap. Also known as the Nilgiri shortwing or Nilgiri blue robin, it is a song bird found in the shola forest lower canopy and forest floor, a threatened habitat. The two subspecies of shortwing distributed in western ghats are the Sholicola major (Jerdon 1841) and the Sholicola albiventris (Blanford 1868) also known as the white-bellied short…Read more
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    Preliminary study of moth (Insecta: Lepidoptera) in Coonoor forest area from Nilgiri District Tamil Nadu, India
    International Journal of Scientific Research in Research Paper Biological Sciences 7 (3): 52-61. 2020.
    This present study was conducted at Coonoor Forestdale area during the year 2018-2019. Through this study, a total of 212 species was observed from the study area which represented 212 species from 29 families. Most of the moth species were abundance in July to August. Moths are the most vulnerable organism, with slight environmental changes. Erebidae, Crambidae and Geometridae are the most abundant families throughout the year. The Coonoor Forestdale area was showed a number of new records and …Read more
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    Nilgiri Large Burrowing Spider Haploclastus nilgirinus Pocock, 1899 recently recorded from the Nilgiris in the Western Ghats.
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    NEWSLETTER of the Nilgiri Natural History Society 1 (8): 5. 2019.
    Morchella Galilaea Masaphy & Clowez 2012 true morals have been recorded in south India In Nilgiri Hills, Morchella research in South India has not taken place.