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    An Optimal DoS Attack Strategy Disturbing the Distributed Economic Dispatch of Microgrid
    with Yihe Wang, Mingli Zhang, Kun Song, and Tie Li
    Complexity 2021 1-16. 2021.
    As a promising method with excellent characteristics in terms of resilience and dependability, distributed methods are gradually used in the field of energy management of microgrid. However, these methods have more stringent requirements on the working conditions, which will make the system more sensitive to communication failures and cyberattacks. As a result, it is both theoretical merits and practical values to investigate the malicious effect of cyber attacks on microgrid. This paper studies…Read more
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    Member Selection for the Collaborative New Product Innovation Teams Integrating Individual and Collaborative Attributions
    with Jiafu Su, Fengting Zhang, Shan Chen, Huilin Wang, and Jie Jian
    Complexity 2021 1-14. 2021.
    As the first stage of the formation of a collaborative new product innovation team, member selection is crucial for the effective operation of the CNPI team and the achievement of new product innovation goals. Considering comprehensively the individual and collaborative attributions, the individual knowledge competence, knowledge complementarity, and collaborative performance among candidates are chosen as the criteria to select CNPI team members in this paper. Moreover, using the fuzzy set and …Read more
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    High-Power Distance Is Not Always Bad: Ethical Leadership Results in Feedback Seeking
    with Zhenxing Gong, Lyn Van Swol, Zhiyuan Xu, Kui Yin, Faheem Gul Gilal, and Xiaowei Li
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
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    Effects of ethical leadership on nurses’ service behaviors
    with Mingfang Li, Zhenxing Gong, and Dingxin Xu
    Nursing Ethics 26 (6): 1861-1872. 2019.
    Background: Nurses’ service behaviors have critical implications for hospitals. However, few studies had adequate ethical considerations of service behaviors and accounted for how organizational or individual antecedents can induce nurses to engage in service behaviors. In addition, they mainly focused on the one side of role-prescribed or extra-role service behavior. Objective: This study aims to explore the chained mediation effect of ethical climate and moral sensitivity on the relationship b…Read more
  • The anopheles community and the role of anopheles minimus on malaria transmission on the china-myanmar border
    with G. Yu, G. Yan, D. Zhong, Y. Wang, Z. He, Z. Yan, W. Fu, F. Yang, and B. Chen
    Background: Malaria around the China-Myanmar border is a serious health problem in the countries of South-East Asia. An. minimus is a principle malaria vector with a wide geographic distribution in this area. Malaria is endemic along the boundary between Yunnan province in China and the Kachin State of Myanmar where the local Anopheles community and the malaria transmission vectors have never been clarified. Methods. Adult Anopheles specimens were collected using CDC light traps in four villages…Read more