• Sonorous law II : the refrain
    with Anne Bottomley
    In Laurent De Sutter (ed.), Zizek and Law, Routledge. 2015.
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    Drawing on the work of Paul Virilio, this paper addresses changes in the architectural and legal topography of the urban landscape through an examination of regulatory patterns, which increasingly intensify governance through, and as, ‘control’. Such regulation is ambivalent in that it cuts across many traditionally discrete regimes of power melding them into new forms with new effects; as a consequence it is no longer sufficient to think in terms of such distinctions as private/public, civil/cr…Read more
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    So You Love Me
    Law and Critique 15 (1): 45-64. 2004.
    This essay uses the work of Gilles Deleuze, in some detail, to argue for a new practice of criticism. Not in order to purify, refine, or generally redeem anything, but rather to encourage a focusing upon the production of fields of experience as an ethical event. As such, the piece re-problematizes what it means to raise questions, and demonstrates the underlying responsibility of doing so.
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    The perception of the middle
    In Laurent de Sutter & Kyle McGee (eds.), Deleuze and Law, . pp. 132. 2012.
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    The Image of Law
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue Internationale de Sémiotique Juridique 20 (4): 353-362. 2007.
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    Icons of control: Deleuze, signs, law
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue Internationale de Sémiotique Juridique 20 (1): 33-54. 2007.
    This paper is broadly concerned with Deleuze’s distinction between ‚la loi et les lois’ on the one hand, and jurisprudence on the other. Jurisprudence is the␣creative action of legal practice, the process by which it is forced to think constructively and anew. In such circumstances legal thought is akin to Deleuze’s concept of the event. I explore the distinction between law and jurisprudence by way of Deleuze’s comments on control societies, arguing that, under control, law ceases to be a jurid…Read more