•  392
    The effects from the United States and Japan to emerging stock markets in Asia and Vietnam
    with Nguyen Thi Ngan and Hoang Trung Nghia
    Science and Technology Development Journal – Economics - Law and Management 3 (4): 440-450. 2019.
    The subprime mortgage crisis in the United States (U.S.) in mid-2008 suggests that stock prices volatility do spillover from one market to another after international stock markets downturn. The purpose of this paper is to examine the magnitude of return and volatility spillovers from developed markets (the U.S. and Japan) to eight emerging equity markets (India, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand) and Vietnam. Employing a mean and volatility spillover model tha…Read more
  •  445
    Since the subsidised economy was substituted by privatisation in 1986, family became the main source of support for the majority of Vietnamese elderly. Traditionally, old aged parents live under the same roof with their adult children, so that they can be looked after. Recently, the process of modernisation of its economy with the focus on urban areas in Vietnam has pushed young rural generations away from home and torn rural families apart. Scholars and experts have tried to understand if that …Read more
  •  543
    Foreign bank penetration in Vietnam following Vietnam’s accession to the WTO: matching expectations with reality
    with Pham Thu Huong, Vo Xuan Vinh, Bui Thi Ly, and Nguyen Ngoc Toan
    Journal of International Economics and Management 22 (3): 1-22. 2022.
    Vietnam continuously liberalizes the financial market as a requirement for its accession to the World Trade Organization in 2007. This paper discusses the foreign investors’ expectation and their experience when penetrating into Vietnam’s market. The role of the foreign entrants is also assessed. By synthesizing and analyzing relevant research and reports, several important insights are discovered. Firstly, the presence of foreign investors and banks improves market competition, efficiency, and …Read more