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    A System of Relational Syllogistic Incorporating Full Boolean Reasoning
    Journal of Logic, Language and Information 21 (4): 433-459. 2012.
    We present a system of relational syllogistic, based on classical propositional logic, having primitives of the following form: $$\begin{array}{ll}\mathbf{Some}\, a \,{\rm are} \,R-{\rm related}\, {\rm to}\, \mathbf{some} \,b;\\ \mathbf{Some}\, a \,{\rm are}\,R-{\rm related}\, {\rm to}\, \mathbf{all}\, b;\\ \mathbf{All}\, a\, {\rm are}\,R-{\rm related}\, {\rm to}\, \mathbf{some}\, b;\\ \mathbf{All}\, a\, {\rm are}\,R-{\rm related}\, {\rm to}\, \mathbf{all} \,b.\end{array}$$ Such primitives forma…Read more
  • Pragmatism of Peirce and James overcomed traditional dualism between mind and matter, sense data and conceptions, and the severe differentiation between philosophy, science, art and religion. They made three types of synthesis- epistemological, metaphysical and religious, based on relations between belief, thought, and action. Within the framework of these the problem of relation between science and religion is solved. Peirce founded science on essentially religious metaphysics in such context…Read more
  • Karl Marx a Short Biography
    Novosti Press Agency Publishing House. 1982.
  • Velikie Osnovopolozhniki Marksizma Po Materialam Muzeia K. Marksa I F. Engel Sa
    with Nikolai Vasil Evich Matkovskii
    Politizdat. 1967.