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    Love and the Stick: The Worldly Aspects of the Call in the First Letter to the Corinthians
    In Ward Blanton & Hent de Vries (eds.), Paul and the Philosophers, Fordham University Press. pp. 310-326. 2021.
  • 6. “A MOTHER TO ALL”. Love and the Institution of Community in Augustine
    In Hent de Vries & Nils F. Schott (eds.), Love and Forgiveness for a More Just World, Columbia University Press. pp. 88-109. 2015.
    This discussion _De catechizandis rudibus_ presents Augustine's conception of how in the catechetical back and forth of questions and answers, in pronouncing sermons and listening to the response they elicit, obstacles to love are removed and a community is instituted. Yet there is no guarantee that even the most skillful combination of encouragements and admonishments, of love and fear, will ever succeed, and Augustine is just as aware of the central importance of alertness to the needs of othe…Read more
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    The chapter presents Bergson’s conception of philosophy as a way of life, as a thinking that seeks to make contact with the creativity of life as a whole. This endeavor to alter our vision of the world, and ultimately, our action and sense of being in the world, seeks to operate a “conversion of attention.” For Bergson, such a conversion is tied in with what he calls the “true empiricism” that allows us to experience and think change as that which makes up living reality as a whole. Bergson conc…Read more
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    Interpreting Bergson: Critical Essays (edited book)
    Cambridge University Press. 2019.
    Bergson was a pre-eminent European philosopher of the early twentieth century and his work covers all major branches of philosophy. This volume of essays is the first collection in twenty years in English to address the whole of Bergson's philosophy, including his metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of life, aesthetics, ethics, social and political thought, and religion. The essays explore Bergson's influence on a number of different fields, and also extend his thought t…Read more
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    These collected studies on the philosophy of the image offer the fundamental insight that images alone make the artificial presence of things possible. Images present things as exclusively visible, released from the laws of physics. Taking this idea as his point of departure, Wiesing provides an overview of the fundamental positions in contemporary image studies. He describes the use of images as signs from a phenomenological perspective, reconstructs Plato's concept of mimesis by way of the can…Read more
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    Henri Bergson (edited book)
    with Vladimir Jankélévitch and Alexandre Lefebvre
    Duke University Press. 1962.
    Appearing here in English for the first time, Vladimir Jankélévitch's _Henri Bergson_ is one of the two great commentaries written on Henri Bergson. Gilles Deleuze's _Bergsonism_ renewed interest in the great French philosopher but failed to consider Bergson's experiential and religious perspectives. Here Jankélévitch covers all aspects of Bergson's thought, emphasizing the concepts of time and duration, memory, evolution, simplicity, love, and joy. A friend of Bergson's, Jankélévitch first publ…Read more
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    Love and Forgiveness for a More Just World (edited book)
    Columbia University Press. 2015.
    One can love and not forgive or out of love decide not to forgive. Or one can forgive but not love, or choose to forgive but not love the ones forgiven. Love and forgiveness follow parallel and largely independent paths, a truth we fail to acknowledge when we pressure others to both love and forgive. Individuals in conflict, sparring social and ethnic groups, warring religious communities, and insecure nations often do not need to pursue love and forgiveness to achieve peace of mind and heart. T…Read more
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    Fraud: The World of Ona'ah
    with Henri Atlan
    Stanford University Press. 2013.
    We can calculate financial fraud, but how do we measure bad faith? How can we evaluate the words of the pharmaceutical industry or of eco-scientific ideologies, or the subtle deception found in political scheming? Henri Atlan sheds light on these questions through the concept of _ona'ah_, which in Hebrew refers to both fraud in financial transactions and the verbal injury inflicted by speech. The world of _ona'ah_ is a world of an "in-between," where the impossible purity of absolute Platonic tr…Read more