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    Business Ethics as Key to Competitive Advantage
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 7 27-33. 2008.
    This paper is informed by the need for all businesspeople to forge a well-knitted collaboration against unethical business practices and immoral tendencies witnessed in the corporate world today. The scandalous revelations, of fraud, deception and other sharp practices, of many corporations all over the globe indicate that the issue of unethical business practices is pandemic in nature and should neither be localized nor treated with kid-gloves.It is a well known fact that a nation’s prosperity …Read more
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    The Ethics of Profit and the Profit of Ethics in Business
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 5 57-62. 2018.
    This paper is an attempt to examine the most basic conflict in business that is ethics pitted against profit. Profit making is indisputably one of the reasons business enterprises are in business. Many business enterprises are in business basically to maximize profit. It is a known fact that profit is what keeps any business enterprise in business. But, when the only drive of a business enterprise is to make profit without regards to ethics, it may accelerate the attainment of its aim in the sho…Read more